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Khan is an Australian band that offers a blend of Progressive Rock and Heavy Psych sounds from diverse influences. The fourth and new record release “Creatures” released on February 22, 2023 via Full Contact Safari Records contains 6 long-form tracks. The opening track “Slow” immediately immerses us in the band’s musical atmospheres, creating an enveloping atmosphere. A solid rhythm section, consisting of granitic drumming and a deep, hypnotic bass line. The guitar gives a Psychedelic touch to the sound, as does the effects-enriched vocals, while the track increases in intensity as the minutes go by and more Heavy riffs enter. In the second part the track takes us towards the finale in a constant musical crescendo. A guitar arpeggio intertwining with a killer bassline give rise to the hypnotic opening melodies of “How Old.” Warm, expressive vocals and solid drumming are added and the song develops, enriching itself with tempo changes that shift the sound to more Heavy sounds. Pachydermic guitar riffs alternate with gentler, lysergic sections, then give way to an instrumental section with a distorted, scratchy solo. This Psychedelic instrumental section accompanies us to the finale keeping the intensity always very high and enhancing the technique in composition and performance of the band. “Follow” is the longest track in duration, exceeding 10 minutes in length. A monolithic rhythm section gives power to the sound from the first few seconds, while the guitar offers excellent work and heavy, distorted riffs. The vocals are an added value, as in the rest of the tracks, dynamic and very expressive. A concentration of energy that explores the most modern sounds of heavy Rock, between Stoner and PSychedelia, with the band’s markedly personal touch. The tempo changes allow for the development of fine instrumental sections, with refined guitar solos inserts. After a steadily crescendoing first part, in the middle section the band shifts the sounds to more Psychedelic and soft territory. Very interesting and original is the concluding part that combines the band’s Heavy traits with more Psychedelic ones, thanks to their personal touch. A deep bass line and an effects-enriched vocal open “Eyes, Lungs, Arms & Mind.” The song builds on guitar arpeggios and solid drumming, while the central theme is developed by alternating softer, dilated passages with heavy openings. The band’s Psychedelic traits are highlighted in this track, which in the second half in a musical crescendo offers excellent guitar work and very well constructed riffs that alternate with solo cues. After an introductory first part, “Confusion” envelops us with a warm, expressive vocal and a deep bass line that gives body to the song. The first part of the song is soft and the drumming is also solid and moves slowly. By the middle it is enriched with continuous time acmbi, alternating delicate and dreamy parts with openings with distorted riffs. In the final part both sound and vocals show the more aggressive facet of the band’s sound, concluding in a musical crescendo that touches on Stoner Metal. The album ends with the title track “Creatures,” which is also the shortest in duration. The arpeggios are layered and the sounds such as the vocals are enriched by prettily used modulations and effects. It is the smoothest track on the entire tracklist, developing over the course of the nearly 5 minutes enveloping vocal parts and intense instrumental sections with Psychedelic atmospheres. An excellent conclusion to this listen, intense and full of quality ideas from the beginning to the end. Another quality release for this band, which confirms that it has high-level ideas and technique. A mixture of Neo-Psychedelia, Stoner, passing through Prog Rock and from forays into the heavier sounds of the genres, using their own personal style as a common thread. A fresh, modern and original listen, with valuable instrumental parts and vocals suited to various situations, warm and espressicvo but also aggressive when needed. Recommended to all lovers of new Psychedelic and Stoner sounds, full of interesting ideas, always managing to keep the ntensity high throughout the tracklist.


01. Slow (06:17)
02. How Old (06:31)
03. Follow (10:08)
04. Eyes, Lungs, Arms & Mind (07:47)
05. Confusion (05:33)
06. Creatures (04:50)


Josh Bills / Vocals, Guitar and Keys
Mitchell Kerr / Bass
Beau Heffernan / Drums

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Full Contact Safari Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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