[Review] King Buffalo – The Burden of Restlessness

King Buffalo is Psychedelic Rock band with a classic trio lineup, originally from the USA, which offers music that reflects the canons of the genre with a personal and original character. The band’s latest production “The Burden of Restlessness” came out on June 4, 2021 and contains 7 medium to long playing tracks, which showcase the band’s technique. The album opens with “Burning” which features a sombre atmospheric intro, on which soon a solid rhythmic session made up of leading bass lines and a powerful drum is inserted. The guitar riffs are massive and is the backbone of the sound, enriched by tempo changes and an individual technique of high-level artists. The dark and expressive singing is an added value and here we are facing a lesson in modern Psychedelia, with all the influences that the genre has absorbed over the years. The intensity is always very high and the beginning of the disc is of great impact, encouraging the listener to continue. An intertwining of drum fills and sharp guitar riffs open “Hebetation,” where the vocal soon accompanies us on this almost lysergic and ethereal journey through the atmospheres. The references to the past blend perfectly with the personal style of the band and with the modernity of the genre, giving life to a dark song full of positive ideas. The band has clear ideas and composes and performs the songs with enviable precision. “Locusts” begins with a dizzying guitar and bass riff, and then a solid rhythm session enters, giving life to a hypnotic atmosphere. The vocal is as always precise above the music, and the keyboard inserts take over when the song increases in intensity, a good trip with fine inserts of 70’s style electric guitar. The guitar in the second part becomes the protagonist and with the return of the vocal the breano closes. “Silverfish” begins with an intricate guitar weave and a solid rhythm session from the hypnotic bass, with the vocal darkening the song. It is the shortest track on the album but still very intense and elaborate, showing a more harmonic facet of their sound, then souring and hardening in the second part, another excellent test. A guitar arpeggio that duets with the drum opens “Grifter” very ethereal and dilated in the sonority, with scratchy and very acidic guitar inserts. The tempo changes are an added value of the sound, passing from softer and darker moments to more acidic and Heavy outbursts, with the guitar protagonist in a good solo in the second part and master of the scene. “The Knocks” always offers a hypnotic bass and lysergic guitar inserts and a vocal, with an initial linear structure before adding the keyboards. The sound interweaving between the instruments and the development of the piece is very interesting, a Psychedelic journey that increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes, and then gives free rein to the instrumental section on the guitar. Very good at managing changes and ideas are innovative, very good. The final track of the album “Loam” is also the longest in duration, starting with a guitar effect arpeggio and then inserting the other instruments while maintaining the lysergic atmosphere of the beginning. In the second part it transforms and becomes more elaborate with the guitar in evidence with acid inserts and a heavier overall atmosphere, a great conclusion that makes you want to listen to the record over and over again. A demonstration of how a genre of the past can be proposed with a modern, original and personal key, this album does nothing but confirm the qualities of the band. To appreciate the ideas and their development and execution, a band that in the modern panorama can be considered among the leaders of the genre. A real pleasure to be able to listen to and review albums like this one. A listening recommended for all lovers of Psychedelic sounds with a foot in the past and a look at the future of the genre, this band has a lot to say, long life to King Buffalo.


1. Burning 06:33
2. Hebetation 04:30
3. Locusts 06:27
4. Silverfish 03:42
5. Grifter 05:17
6. The Knocks 06:13
7. Loam 07:41


Sean McVay / Guitar, Vocals, & Synth
Dan Reynolds 
/ Bass & Synth
Scott Donaldson 
/ Drums & Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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