[Review] Klidas – No Harmony

Klidas is an Italian band dedicated to Experimental Rock, formed in Macerata in 2014, which incorporates Psychedelia and Prog Rock among others into its sound. June 02, 2023 saw the release of “No Harmony” via the Australian label Bird’s Robe Collective, containing 6 medium-length tracks. The opening track “Shores” immediately immerses us in the band’s sonic atmospheres, made up of intertwining guitar, keyboards and sax over an elaborate rhythm section. The tempo changes are an added bonus, developing intense instrumental textures that enhance the band’s compositional and performing technique. A track that flows pleasantly and engagingly, combining Prog and Jazz traits, with the sax in great evidence offering a prolonged solo that accompanies us to a crescendo ending. The following “Shine” continues the exploration of the Jazzy side of Prog, with a solid and elaborate rhythm section. The melodic interweavings created by the guitar, keyboards and saxophone, which alternate in the solo inserts and to which choral vocal parts are added, are valuable. With retro hints, brought into a fresh and modern context where the band enhances its technique, proposing a markedly personal sound. This track is also predominantly instrumental, with a second part featuring more frequent tempo changes and an higher dose of experimentation and an Heavy ending. “Not To Dissect” is the shortest in duration, still exceeding three minutes. The structure is intricate, with continuous tempo changes that allow for alternating Jazz stretches and heavier passages with extensive use of distortion. Energetic and very elaborate, it is a concentrate of technique and power, showing a more aggressive side to the band’s sound. The sound is steeped in jazz in “Arrival,” with the intensity increasing as the minutes tick by and the song’s theme develops. Deep bass lines, technical drumming and a psychedelic touch in the vocal parts show different nuances of the band’s sound. In the middle section, the band returns to show its heavier side, alternating more delicate openings and Jazzy passages with the sax in evidence. “Circular” features an energetic sound with distorted guitar riffs and sax inserts over a solid rhythm section. The band brings out its more Prog side here, strongly steeped in Jazz, in a long instrumental with sax and keyboards alternating in the solo parts along with the guitar. The album’s longest track “The Trees Are In Misery” concludes the album, clocking in at over seven minutes. Here again, the sound shows the band’s more Progressive side, combining it with their signature Jazz imprinting and forays into Heavy sounds. Distorted, scratching guitars, deep, load-bearing bass lines and a granitic drumming full of tempo changes allow this track to develop in a very engaging way. A band that offers its own personal style by incorporating elements of different genres between Experimental Rock, Progressive Rock and Jazz in particular. The sound is fresh and modern, with references to the past but revisited in a modern key, offering long instrumental textures that enhance the technique of all the elements of the lineup. A recommended listen for lovers of the more Jazzy sounds of Progressive Rock, almost entirely instrumental with elaborate structures and intense solo phrasing.


01. Shores (06:31)
02. Shine (06:16)
03. Not To Dissect (03:32)
04. Arrival (06:56)
05. Circular (05:09)
06. The Trees Are In Misery (07:23)


Emanuele Bury / Guitar, Voice
Francesco Coacci / Bass, Voice
Samuele De Santis / Saxophone
Alberto Marchegiani / Keyboard, Synth
Giorgio Staffolani / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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