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Knim are a three-piece band from West Yorkshire who play a gritty Progressive Metal/Rock sound. The new album “When A Star Falls” was released on November 25, 2022 and contains five medium-length tracks. The album opens with “Elysium” featuring good guitar work and a powerful, elaborate rhythm section. The vocals are dynamic and expressive, alternating vocal duets, while the structure is constantly evolving. An alternation of more heavy parts and others with more dilated sounds, between continuous tempo changes and refined guitar and keyboard textures. The album’s shortest track “Pathway” unfolds with ambient sounds and effects, an enveloping and mystical interlude. “The Incongruity Of I” opens with heavy guitar riffs and a monolithic rhythm section, a concentrate of power and technique. The vocals are enriched by effects, while the riffs are well constructed and granitic, intertwining with the keyboards. A track with dark atmospheres, whose instrumental openings are a concentration of power, which is unleashed with massive, penetrating riffs and a killer bassline. The softer side of the band characterises the first part of “When A Star Falls” with intertwining guitar arpeggios and keyboards. A song more in the form of a ‘song’ with a warm and expressive vocal, with a pleasant guitar insert in the second part and a more linear structure. The album ends with the remaster of “A Prisoner On the Seas,” a concentrate of power and technique with intertwining guitar riffs and keyboards. The rhythm section is powerful and the sound of the song granitic with an aggressive vocal. An excellent remaster for this track that shows the band’s more heavy and technical side. A good album for a band that manages to combine the more heavy and technical aspects of Prog in an album that is engaging from start to finish. A recommended listen for all lovers of the harder sounds of Prog, with tempo changes and elaborate textures, always full of ideas.


01. Elysium (08:12)
02. Pathway (02:33)
03. The Incongruity Of I (04:46)
04. When A Star Falls (05:42)
05. A Prisoner On the Seas (Remastered) (08:14)


Andrew Mawer / Vocals and Keys
Dennis Berry / Guitar and Keys
Peter Nicholson / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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