[Review] Kodiak Empire – The Great Acceleration

Kodiak Empire is an Australian band that plays Progressive Rock with forays into Alternative and Experimental. The new album “The Great Acceleration” was released on October 21, 2022 via Bird’s Robe and contains five tracks. The opener “The Difference” features intertwining guitar and keyboards with an elaborate rhythm section, enhanced by continuous tempo changes. The vocals are warm and expressive, very dynamic, interpreting the song’s lyrics with intensity and a personal style. The intensity increases as the song progresses, with hard guitar riffs interspersed with softer melodic openings. In the crescendo finale, the band offers an intense instrumental section with solo guitar inserts that guide us to the end of the song where the vocal returns for the last verses. Hard guitar riffs open “Within the Comfort” developed with a solid, intricate rhythm section and a warm, expressive vocal. A mixture of Prog and Alternative Rock traits, enriched by tempo changes and forays into heavier sounds, alternating sung parts with beautifully crafted instrumental sections. The modern imprinting of the sound of this track brings a breath of freshness and shows a personal and original side to the band. “Animist” is one of the album’s shortest track, at four minutes, with its accelerated and very elaborate rhythm and a modern sound closer to Alternative Rock. The phrasing between guitar and keyboards is full of ideas and high-level cues, moving from more heavy parts to more melodic openings, constantly enhancing both the compositional and performance technique of the band. The more experimental side of the band’s sound characterises “Maralinga,” a passage of only two minutes where the sounds are enriched by a fine use of effects. Stratifications and modulations take centre stage, enveloping the listener in dilated sounds, exploring modern Experimental music. The album ends with the longest track in duration “Marcel,” which features an intricate and gritty rhythm section. Distorted guitar riffs give a heavy accent to the sound, which becomes softer and more melodic in the sung verses. Another elaborate composition, with guitar and keyboard phrasing, engaging choral vocals and continuous tempo changes that enrich the song’s structure. A fine blend of Prog and Alternative Rock with personal traits. An album that confirms the good things heard on previous releases, evolving the band’s sound with a mixture of Prog, Alternative Rock and a touch of Experimental. The sound is solid and very elaborate, the vocals dynamic and expressive, offering a very intense tracklist from start to finish. A recommended listen for all lovers of modern Prog sounds, the band’s style is markedly personal, fresh and very sophisticated.


01. The Difference (06:10)
02. Within the Comfort (7:33)
03. Animist (04:29)
04. Maralinga (2:21)
05. Marcel (8:54)


Bryce Carleton / Vocals
Joshua Engel / Keyboards
Joseph Rabjohns / Guitar
Benjamin Shannon / Drums
Jacob Warren / Bass

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Bird’s Robe Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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