[Review] Kotiomkin – Le Casalingue – The Satanic Rites of Cobram

Kotiomkin is an Italian duo offering a Progressive Rock sound with Stoner Rock influences and permeated with Soundtrack music. Italian cinema from the 60s-70s-80s by famous artists such as Fantozzi (Paolo Villaggio) are the inspiration for their music. The new album “Le Casalingue – The Satanic Rites of Cobram” was released on September 29, 2023 via Subsound Records and contains 5 long tracks including a 12+ minute epic. The album, entirely instrumental, mixes different genres and styles between Progressive Rock, Doom, Stoner and Cinematic sounds. The duo, which consists of drums, bass and keyboards, offers long, elaborate textures between continuous tempo changes and prolonged sections with the keyboards always in evidence. The dark tones counterbalance the more energetic openings, where the band displays its more Stoner and Doom attitude. The dark atmospheres permeate the opening track “Morte Sospetta Del Compagno Folagra,” continuing in the first part of the following one. “ItalPetrolCemeTermoTessilFarmoMetalChimica” is a track characterised by a granitic bass line, distorted and penetrating, a solid rhythm section with continuous tempo changes. Powerful and dark, the track offers a Doom with personal traits that in some passages and changes flows into a Progressive with Occult traits and deep, pent-up melodies. “Ufficio Caroselli & Magie Nere” is the album’s most brve track, and so far the most aggressive, with a Metal that incorporates elements of Doom and Stoner scratching and with extensive use of distortion. A blast of energy, in line with modern releases of the heaviest genre of Rock, with the addition of their personal touch. With vocal samples taken from 70s movies, “Trombeur De Femmes” alternates between more Prog passages with Funky bass lines and harder Rock discharges with the distortions opened to the max. A monolithic rhythm section and good phrasing between the two musicians create a burst of power to which an undisputed personal technicality is added. In the second half, the sound becomes darker and doom-like, with an electronic synth touch and a more pachydermic rhythm section that alternates between accelerations and slower passages. The final “Una Messa Per Cobram” is also the longest in duration and explores all the influences that characterise the band’s sound. More experimental and electronic, with a greater presence of keyboards and sampled vocal parts with a distinctly Occult imprint. The second part takes us to the finale in a constant musical crescendo that incorporates distortion, tempo changes and dark passages with scratchy distortion and elaborate drumming. A band that is strongly inspired by Italian cinema, adding their own personal touch to the sound, which is occult but very eclectic. An album that always reveals new passages with each listening, to be listened to again and again as the duo loves to experiment and vary the central theme of the tracks. A recommended listen for lovers of the darker and more Occult sounds of Prog with forays into Doom and the Heavy sounds of Rock.


01. Morte Sospetta Del Compagno Folagra (07:49)
02. ItalPetrolCemeTermoTessilFarmoMetalChimica (09:13)
03. Ufficio “Caroselli & Magie Nere” (04:17)
04. Trombeur De Femmes (07:48)
05. Una Messa Per Cobram (12:40)


Enzo P. Zeder / Bass & Analogic Synthesizers
Gianni Narcisi / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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