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La Era De Acuario are a Mexican Psychedelic Rock band, formed in recent times but with very well defined characters. The marked influences of the late 60s mixed with more modern and always refined sounds make them fresh and original. We are here to tell you about their self-titled album released in LP by Necio Records on 16 March, 2021 and containing 8 tracks also available in digital. As soon as I approached listening to this work, I hoped it was what it turned out to be, not the usual Psychedelia album, but something sophisticated and with original sounds, while still respecting traditions. Album that right from the start immediately immerses us in the sounds of the band with a song, “Om Ganesh, “involving and well developed, certainly successful. It highlights both the vocal parts that accompany us in a lysergic journey where they find space also pleasant intertwining of guitar and keyboards. “Lunar” is softer and more dilated than the previous one, where in the instrumental parts the guitar inserts are heavier and dreamy melodies are created with the keyboards. “Agujero Negro” connects with the previous one in the initial riff to subsequently insert Latin influences and give life to an interesting long-lasting instrumental section. The intensity increases with the passing of the minutes, the mix of several styles is interesting and original. “Etéreo” has a more 60s character projected to the present day, an example of those traditional sounds but interpreted with a personal and modern character. The mix between the keyboards and the guitar is good and the vocals make us travel in time, while the keyboard and guitar solo takes the sound to another level. “Fotografía” is more in the form of a softer and more linear ‘song’ than the previous ones, a good piece that still has positive and engaging melodies. “Bailando en el Mar” shows again a 60’s inspiration, in the Doors in particular, adding that personal touch that characterizes their sound. The melodies are darker and more intricate here, with a good guitar and keyboard solo in the final instrumental part. “Orgón” slows down in the rhythmic session, also dilating the melodies on dark tones and frequent tempo changes, and leading keyboards, while the acid guitar riffs blend well. “Hippie Hippie Hourra” is a cheerful track that is very reminiscent of the 60s, which closes by paying homage to the positivity of the sounds of the past. A band that succeeds in interpreting the Psychedelic sounds of the late 60s in a modern key, always giving their own modern and original touch to the tracks. An album recommended to all lovers of Psychedelic music with an even more modern vision, while remaining faithful to traditions. Well-developed and well-executed textures respecting the classic sounds of the genre, adding however a more modern and personal interpretation that guides us through this well-made lysergic journey.


01.Om Ganesh 05:53
02.Lunar 04:03
03.Agujero Negro 04:43
04.Etéreo 03:54
05.Fotografía 03:14
06.Bailando en el Mar 04:35
07.Orgón 04:07
08.Hippie Hippie Hourra03:53

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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