[Review] La Stazione delle Frequenze – Chirale

La Stazione delle Frequenze is a young Italian band that mixes the influences of historical groups with a modern and Heavy touch. The second and new album entitled “Chirale” was released on January 4, 2023 and contains 6 medium-length tracks. Opener “Inerte” immediately shows the band’s more heavy and modern approach, with hard guitar riffs and a solid rhythm section. The vocals are dynamic and expressive and interpret the intense lyrics with passion, alternating more energetic passages with more melodic and airy refrains. In the middle part, the band develops an instrumental section with the guitar in evidence, and then in the second part of the song alternates between sung and instrumental parts that accompany us to the close. Also proposed as a single to anticipate the release of the album “Opposte Realtà,” it enhances the mixture of singer-songwriter sounds with more Heavy and Progressive passages. The lyrics are very well crafted and interpreted by a warm and intense vocal, while the song structure is constantly evolving, enriched by tempo changes. Skilful the band combines catchy and engaging parts with more complex and elaborate textures, managing to involve the listener from start to finish. “Le Mie Catene” opens with energetic riffs and a rhythm section with Hard Rock overtones, and then with the entry of the vocals it turns to softer sounds in the verses. A good representation of the Italian song with forays into heavier sounds, with a modern and fresh style. The guitar solo in the middle part is interesting, and then the vocal returns for the last verses to close. Closer to songwriting, “Disordine” enhances the band’s songwriting, resulting in a thick Italian song. The vocals are warm and expressive, while the instrumental parts alternate between more melodic passages and more aggressive altyri, allowing the intensity to increase with fine guitar work and a solid rhythm section. The title-track “Chirale” is the shortest track in duration, a weave of darker atmospheric arpeggios enriched by effects and minimal percussion in the middle section. The album ends with “Chiaroscuro” characterised by the use of modern, electronic sounds in the introductory part. Granitic guitar riffs and a solid rhythm section develop the track, on which an engaging, at times choral, dynamic vocal is inserted. Evolving the central theme of the song and developing intense and meaningful lyrics, the disc concludes, leaving us with pleasant feelings. A band that offers a personal style that combines Italian-style song with modern, energetic, fresh and engaging rock. Good vocal interpretations, instrumental parts alternating more elaborate passages with softer, more songwriting passages, making for a pleasant and engaging tracklist from start to finish. A recommended listen for lovers of Italian music who manage to combine tradition with a personal touch that makes them innovative and original.


01. Inerte (07:15)
02. Opposte Realtà (05:24)
03. Le Mie Catene (04:38)
04. Disordine (05:30)
05. Chirale (01:59)
06. Chiaroscuro (05:35)


Alberto Cervone / Vocals
Angelantonio Donisi / Guitars
Pierfrancesco Corbo / Guitars
Luca Iorio / Bass
Andrea Passaro /Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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