[Review] Lords Of Form – 23 Strangers

Lords of Form is a project by ex-Hawkwind Niall Hone, who continues his exploration of Psychedelic/Space Rock sounds. The new album “23 Stranger” was released on July 07, 2023 and contains 10 tracks between 3 and 6 minutes long. The opener “Pulling Strings” is a rush of electric sounds, skilfully modulated by the effects. The vocals are aggressive, while the rhythm section is solid and enriched with tempo changes. An intro with a strong impact, energetic and engaging. A long, atmospheric, scratchy-sounding intro opens “Yakbatters Last Stand,” and then elaborates into an intricate, frenetic track. With the entrance of the dynamic and expressive vocals, passages of Neo-Psychedelia and instrumental sections alternate with accelerations and technical, highly researched passages. “Hymlic Rodeo” which was also the single that preceded the release of the album, a blend of classic and modern space rock with personal traits. Distorted riffs and an aggressive vocal, an accelerated rhythm section and a killer bassline make the track a rush of energy and power. A hypnotic keyboard melody enhanced by effects and a spoken vocal open the title track “23 Strangers.” The sounds are a mixture of electronic keyboard sounds and fine guitar work that create a succession of emotions. The intensity increases as the track progresses and the central theme evolves, including a valuable guitar solo. The rhythm section is an added value, with solid drumming and bass lines that give body to the track, the effects and modulations complete this excellent passage on the disc. Psychedelic atmospheres permeate “Dragged From The Pack,” with a modern approach enriched by more electronic sounds. The rhythm section is minimal and slower than the previous ones, the vocals alternate between passages with effects and others more clean, while the keyboards and guitar weave and layer into the melodies. A mystical and reflective track that envelops the listener and leads him into lysergic musical territory. The journey into more modern and electronic sounds continues with “Pinned To The Wall.” The sounds and vocals are drenched in effects and cleverly modulated, offering a fresh and modern track. The perfect meeting point between Electronic music, Psychedelia and Space. The longest track on the album, “No Fear Here,” which is over six minutes long, after an introductory first part accelerates and takes us back to Classic Space Rock sounds. The rhythm section is accelerated, the bass lines penetrating and the keyboards and guitar create hypnotic, enveloping melodies and layers. A track that brings the atmospheres of the 70s into a modern context, creating an incisive, dynamic and engaging sound with beautifully crafted passages and interesting guitar work. Returning to more modern sounds, ‘Spoonfed’ features refined guitar twists and a dance-style vocal. A track that makes you want to move, to dance, with a funky bass line and drumming that is enriched by tempo changes. The guitar offers an extended solo that accompanies us for most of the track, another perfect mix of Electronic and Space Rock. “Low Crime Tuesday” opens with piano notes and orchestrations in the background, in a long introductory part. A track that shows the Experimental side of the artist, made up of electronic sounds that intertwine and layer, taking us into Avant-Garde musical territories. The album ends with “Feed The Beast,” a burst of energy between electronic sounds and distorted guitars. Here again, the sound is the perfect blend of Electronic and Psych/Space, classic and modern. An innovative track, enriched by continuous tempo changes and sound modulations. Another excellent work by this project that combines traditional sounds with innovation, managing to bring the atmospheres of the past to the present day and project them into the future. The perfect meeting point between quality Electronics, Space Rock and Psychedelia, creating a varied and intense tracklist from start to finish. A recommended listen for lovers of Space Rock and Psychedelic music with a modern and distinctly personal imprinitng.


01. Pulling Strings (03:02)
02. Yakbatters Last Stand (05:48)
03. Hymlic Rodeo (03:36)
04. 23 Strangers (05:30)
05. Dragged From The Pack (04:58)
06. Pinned To The Wall (04:40)
07. No Fear Here (06:14)
08. Spoonfed (04:30)
09. Low Crime Tuesday (04:37)
10. Feed The Beast (04:53)


Lords of Form are: Niall Hone (Ex- Hawkwind), Ross Fuller & Jamie Gillett

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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