[Review] Love Machine – Düsseldorf – Tokyo

Love Machine is a Psychedelic Rock/Krautrock band based in Dusseldorf and Cologne, Germany which has released 4 full-length 1 EP and a single since 2014. The latest album released by the band is “Düsseldorf – Tokyo” on February 26, 2021 for Unique Records and available in Limited Edition Red Vinyl, Black Vinyl, CD and Digital. Containing 10 tracks of fine workmanship, sung in the mother tongue and with the presence of Jan Lammert who with his keyboards raises the sound to a higher level. A smooth listening, with all the ingredients to attract attention and a noteworthy production with a sound of excellent workmanship. The vocal test of Marcel Rösche is very convincing, adapting best to the various situations that the album presents and despite the sung in German language, it is still pleasant and engaging. The music alternates more rhythmic tracks as in the case of “Golo Mann” from even more cheerful melodies to more reflective ones and cosmic sounds such as the title track for example. The blend of modern Psychedelic elements with a ’70s sound linked to Krautrock is a winning one, giving life to a balanced and flowing sequence of songs. Even if the atmospheric and soft moments prevail, the album presents passages where the intensity increases with the passage of the songs as in “Hauptbahnhof” track full of emotions. In the following “100 Jahre Frieden” instead the music with its slow pressing and the spoken voice envelop the listener and lull him with dreamy melodies. The following songs always have the same formula more spoken than sung with the music always full of emotions and with sections in which the intensity increases and others where instead it slowly transports us into the depths of their sound. “Gemeinsam einsam” is instead more in the form of a cheerful and carefree ‘song’ with almost country veins. A psychedelic manifesto and a true mix of power and distortion is “That Mean Old Thing” which takes us directly to the late 60’s with its almost screamed vocal. The tempo change that transforms the track is valuable, a real swing of emotions and different styles that come together to create an elaborate song full of positive ideas. Closes the album “The Animal” which remains in the style of the previous one, alternating electric discharges with more melodic openings. A good finish that leaves us with a pleasant feeling. A nice and smooth album that shows how Psychedelic sounds are not dead at all, but with bands like this there is still a lot to say. An album with mature sounds that confirm the precise musical style that the band has built over the years. A good listening, particular and with original sounds, where the vocal is one of the strengths and the music as a whole is enveloping and emotional.


02.Golo Mann
04.100 Jahre Frieden
06.Gunst der Dinge
07.Swimmingpool der Welt
08.Gemeinsam einsam
09.That Mean Old Thing
10.The Animal


Richard EisenachBass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Noel LardonDrums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Hendrik SiemsGuitar, Backing Vocals
Felix WursthornGuitar, Synthesizer, Vocals
Marcel RöscheVocals
Jan Lammert Piano, Synthesizer, Organ

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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