[Review] Mad Fellaz – III

Mad Fellaz is an Italian Neo Prog band, formed in 2010 in Bassano Del Grappa. The lineup has had some changes over the years, during which it has released three albums. After the first, entirely instrumental, in the second enters a singer, Anna Ferranato, who is then replaced by Luca Brighi. ‘III’ is a self-released published on January 18, 2019, containing seven medium-long duration tracks, available in LP, CD and Digital. In “Es” / Frozen Side after an intro with ambient noises, the song starts, with a solid guitar riff supported by the organ, and a complex rhythm that changes vertiginously. It is a drawn track, up to the entrance of the vocal, energetic and dynamic, with the rhythm becoming softer. Through time changes, with good Progressive passages, the track turns out to be a great intro. Leaf has a soft and harmonious start, with a more linear rhythm and a melodic vowel. With the passage of the song the intensity increases, and everything is transformed, first with a sound with more Folk flavors, with flute interventions. In the middle, it becomes more elaborate, giving space to an excellent sax intervention followed by the flute. A high leveled track. Liquid Bliss begins with a frenetic rhythm, interspersed with soft pauses, when the song opens with a cheerful theme, between Prog and Jazz. Even the vocal like the sound is close to the Fusion, the guitar performs a great solo in the middle of the song. A flute insert before the return of the vowel, and in the end the song takes on more Prog characters, always with the guitar and the keyboards in the center of the scene. A different track, but of a high level, which ends with an instrumental fall. Fumes From The Ruins is a passage of almost 2 minutes, which despite the short duration shows all the features of a song Prog, with excellent changes on the central theme. Under These Clouds is characterized by a sweet acoustic guitar melody on which warm and expressive vocals are inserted. After the first lines the keyboards are inserted, first and then the flute, a good track, where, but the singer does not seem to be totally at ease, while remaining a pleasant test. In Frost, after a symphonic beginning, it is strengthened as the minutes pass, then slowing down and leaving room for a jazzy guitar solo. After an experimental interlude, a dreamy mellotron catapults us into an aggressive moment with a frenetic rhythm. The track is a continuous change, the keyboards are stratospheric, and the guitar excursions are remarkable. Another good test by the whole band, and also the vocal returns to convince, on this type of tracks seems to be more at ease. Sweet Silent Oblivion is the longest track on the album, characterized by the addition of orchestral instruments (Oboe, French horn, and strings) played by guest guests. The beginning is soft and melodic, with a good vocal over a sweet carpet of instruments. A first instrumental pause gives space to a soft guitar solo, then the rhythm becomes more elaborate. In the 2nd instrumental break, the keyboards dominate the scene. A more experimental excursion leads us to the final in a crescendo. A band and an album of high quality, complex and well-structured compositions, the changes are never taken for granted. A feature of this work is the originality, a band that has its own Progressive style, with well-defined personal characters. The result is a work that expresses what a Prog listener would like to hear, with quality and innovation.


1. “Es”/ Frozen Side (6:05)
2. Leaf (6:03)
3. Liquid Bliss (8:27)
4. Fumes from the Ruins (1:59)
5. Under These Clouds (3:19)
6. Frost (7:37)
7. Sweet Silent Oblivion (10:01)


Luca Brighi / Vocals
Paolo Busatto / Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Ruggero Burigo / Guitar, Electric Sitar
Enrico Brunelli / Acoustic & Electric Pianos, Hammond Organ, Synths, Mellotron
Rudy Zilio / Flute, Sax, Synth, Backing Vocals
Carlo Passuello / Bass
Marco Busatto / Drums
Lorenzo Todesco / Percussions

Luca Ardini / Saxophone (2,4)
Davide Baratto / 12-String Acoustic Guitar (7)
Jacopo Mazzarolo / Oboe (7)
Mattia Marangon / French Horn (7)
Sergio Orso / Violin (7)
Louise Antonello / Violin (7)
Elena Ceccato / Viola (7)
Rolando Moro / Cello (7)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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