[Review] Magnify The Sound – Don’t Give Us That Face

Magnify The Sound is a Norwegian duo offering Experimental and Improv Rock sounds, with interweaving guitar, drums and electronics. Carl Haakon Waadeland takes care of percussion and drumming, while Trond Engum brings his experience on guitar and electronics to the band. The album “Don’t Give Us That Face” is released on April 21, 2023 via Crispin Glover Records and distributed by Stickman Records. The tracklist consists of 6 tracks totalling about 20 minutes, exploring and mixing different genres and styles, with a distinctly experimental imprint. The individual technique of the two artists allows them to create long improvisational textures, where in excellent symbiosis and harmony they duet and intertwine their instruments. Throughout the 6 tracks that make up the album, the listener is enveloped by the sounds of the duo, skilful in combining traditional and electronic sounds, projecting their style into the future of Experimentation. The use of both effects and the fresh and modern sounds of electronics is admirable, creating atmospheres that touch the most extreme points of the genre they propose, also showing an understanding of the highest level. Ambient passages, gloomy atmospheres and extensive use of skilfully created and modulated soundscapes enable them to develop a musical concept that is always on the cutting edge from beginning to end. We recommend this album to all lovers of experimental sounds with a marked use of modern and electronic sounds, both for its duration and for the structure of the tracks. The musical ideas and concepts developed here are of absolute value, not easy to approach at first listening, but which always offer new emotions and very sophisticated and interesting ideas at a later date.


01. We Insist, Don’t Hold Back
02. Or, Should We Wait
03. Indeed, We Think So
04. The Time Is Now (Don´t Give Us That Face)
05. So, Let´s Put Things Together
06. Sometimes Yesterday Feels Like Tomorrow

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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