[Review] Marco Mattei – Out of Control

Marco Mattei is an Italian Guitarist/Songwriter who released his debut album “Out Of Control” on November 19, 2021 via 7D Media/Third Star Records. The album contains 12 tracks in the form of concept albums that starting from Progressive Rock range in different genres including Folk, Jazz and World Music. Numerous high-level artists participate in the album with numerous instruments played, offering a very varied sound rich in facets, plots and ideas. This work is described by Marco as follows: “Yes, this is a concept album about things we cannot control. The key insight is the realization that many aspects of what we perceive to be defining our identity are not under our control.” Within this concept we move from delicate tracks with predominantly acoustic sounds to others with more electric and Rock sounds, very close to Prog mixing the past and present of the genre. The proposed sound plots are of the highest level, and the musicians involved are prominent members of the main bands that have made the history of world music, therefore an added value. Another special mention should be made to the lyrics of the album revolve around things we cannot control such as the place and time we are born. Each track has a different lineup, with the artists alternating in the execution of the songs, well developed compositions performed both in the ethnic and Folk parts and in the Prog ones. An album that has its strengths in the sound textures that are elaborate but accessible at the same time, resulting engaging and pleasant managing to create an atmosphere and positive sensations. The many instruments present allow us to offer numerous solutions, managing to pass from Folk to Prog Rock, and Marco Mattei shows a good technique with different instruments and with Programming and Loops, as well as in the compositional phase. The references to the 70s-style Folk Rock is marked, as well as some songwriting passages always rooted in the past, but proposed in this album with a distinctive and original personal character. We can therefore say that this work satisfies a very large audience, thanks to the combination of vintage sounds with other modern ones, managing to satisfy both purists and innovators. a listening recommended to all lovers of Prog in general, without distinction of style or genre, a winning blend and a concentrate of technique that surprises us from start to finish. 12 very pleasant tracks, full of ideas and high-level passages, where the individual technique of all the artists involved comes into play, creating an overall sound of the highest level. An album to listen and listen to, which always gives positive emotions every time, it will be interesting to follow this artist also in the future.


01. Would I Be Me (04:36)
02. Picture in a Frame (03:15)
03. More Intense (04:21)
04. I’ll Be Born (03:21)
05. Lullaby for You (03:03)
06. Anymore (03:22)
07. Tomorrow (04:21)
08. Void (06:40)
09. On Your Side (05:08)
10. After Tomorrow (01:39)
11. Hidden Gems (02:12)
12. Gone (03:41)


Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Loops, Resonator, Bouzouki, Electric Bass, Bowed Electric Bass, Vocals, Shaker, Electronic and Acoustic Percussion, Samples and Programming / Marco Mattei
Vocals / Dave Bond (1,3,9), Matthew Brown (2), Felix Brandt (4,5), Barak Seguin (6), Richard Farrell (8)
Drums and Percussion / Jerry Marotta (1,9,11), Pat Mastelotto (2), Chad Wackerman (8), Clive Deamer (3), Matt Crain (6), Gianni Pierannunzio (7), Salvatore Mennella (12), Matilde Mattei (Shaker on 7)
Bass / Tony Levin (1,2,9), Fabio Trentini (8), Gabriele Bibbi Ferrari (12)
Duilio Galioto / Synths, Moog, Wurlitzer, Piano, Mellotron (3,8,9)
Paolo Gianfrate / Keyboards (6)
Dave Bond / Mandolin (1)
Marco Planells / Sitar (1)
Paul Johnson / Flute and Whistle (4)
Diederik van den Brandt / Pedal Steel (5)
Rob Wakefield / Violin (5)
Max Rosati / Lead Electric Guitar (8)
Mauro Munzi / Reverse Piano (9)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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