[Review] MeVsMyself – Mictlàn

Mictlàn is the title of the second album by Giorgio Pinardi aka MeVsMyself, artist and vocal experimenter from Milan. The album was produced by Alterjinga in collaboration with Panidea Studios, based on vocal improvisations by the artist. A mix of ethnic music that blends with modern music, all the sounds have been produced by Giorgio’s voice. The artist’s references are the masters Demetrio Stratos and Bobby McFerrin, inserting personal characters that differentiate him from any other production. This album makes the voice both a rhythmic and a melody as well as the sung part that solos them, starving the various vocal expressive forms into a unique result of its kind. At times more choral, in others more ethnic, with also rhythmic cues, with strong influences of World Music. An ambitious project, which is successful in its intent, showing the excellent vocal ability of Giorgio Pinardi, as well as his inspiration in improvising using only the voice. It is not a simple album at first listening, but closer listening will reveal all its positive aspects, leaving new and pleasant cues each time. A pleasant listening, different from the usual exits, elaborated and taken care of in the smallest details. An enjoyable listening to all lovers of experimentation and avant-garde music, which given its many nuances will be appreciated by a wider audience. The voice as the undisputed protagonist of a high level work, dense, emotional and very pleasant.


01. Khnum (4:11)
02. Tin Hinan (9:26)
03. Gurfa (2:56)
04. Mbuki-Mvuki (8:50)
05. Sygyzy (4:17)
06. Tingo (3:38)
07. Ohrwurm (9:13)
08. Eostre (4:22)


Giorgio Pinardi aka MeVsMyself / All Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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