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One of the most pleasing things for someone who feeds and writes about music as I do is to come across an album that can truly be called original. In this, the Germans Miss Mellow, with their eponymous debut album, have hit the mark. Six tracks between 6 and over 10 minutes long that bring psychedelic and progressive sounds into a modern and very fresh context. They show that they have a distinctly personal style, weaving together different genres and styles, always with their musical concept clearly defined. Within the tracks, they move from more heavy openings, technical textures and forays into Psychedelia, but it would be reductive to categorise their eclectic and original style by genre. The rhythm sections are full of groove, tempo changes, solid and elaborate enriched by killer deep basslines that give body to the tracks. The interweaving guitars and keyboards with hints of Funky, Rock and instrumental sections of absolute value do the rest. Another aspect that characterises the sound is the vocals, which are dynamic and expressive, alternating between incisive solo parts and engaging choruses. A journey through the musical world of these guys that really struck me positively, for their ability since the debut album to propose an intense and well-defined sound that makes them innovative. The tracklist is a succession of emotions, at every change or passage there is always something that evolves the theme of the songs, always managing to put the right thing in the right place. An album that enhances both the compositional and performing technique of the band, to be listened to and listened to again, as at each passage it always reveals something interesting and new. It is a real pleasure that new bands approach the music scene with proposals of this kind, demonstrating inventiveness and technique and always trying to raise the bar, while doing things in a reasoned manner. I was very impressed by this record, a breath of fresh air in the modern music scene, stepping out of the box a bit and at the same time falling into many of them, whose common thread is originality. A recommended listen for those who like to explore Psychedelic Prog and Krautrock sounds with a Funky touch, where technique and originality take centre stage, an excellent record.


01. Chopsticks (07:09)
02. Who Abides? (10:09)
03. Walk The Universe (06:20)
04. Miss Mellow (08:24)
05. Update (06:59)
06. Peace In My Mind (08:31)


Joshua Lilienthal / Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion
David Stockinger / Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion
Junsuke Kondo / Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals
Niccolò Schmitter / Drums, Percussion

With Special Guests:
Lisa Weigslberger
/ Vocals
Michele Loria / Electric Piano on “Miss Mellow

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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