[Review] Monolord – It’s All The Same

The Swedish trio Monolord have established themselves over time as one of the best and most solid realities of the modern Heavy scene, thanks to their blend of Doom, Stoner and melodic traits. On September 08, 2023, a two-track EP entitled “It’s All The Same” was released on Relapse Records. “Glaive (It’s All The Same)” is a mixture of refined and engaging riffs interwoven with fine Monolord-style guitar work. The rhythm section is characterised by solid drumming and deep, load-bearing bass lines, alternating softer parts in the verses and more energetic and heavy openings. The vocals have the classic Thomas trademark, dynamic and expressive, adding a melodic touch to the song. Psychedelic atmospheres permeate the song, with forays into Stoner, keeping the intensity very high from start to finish. The second track on the EP “The Only Road” has a darker imprint and a heavier approach with a greater Doom influence. The riffs as always are well constructed and engaging, the rhythm section granitic and enriched by tempo changes. The vocals as always are an added value to the band’s sound, as is the evolution of the song’s central theme, exploring all the stylistic facets that make up the band’s style. Over 12 minutes of pleasure for fans of the band’s sound, which confirms that it is one of the best in today’s stoner/doom scene. Well-constructed riffs, solid rhythm sections and dynamic vocals characterise the band’s style. An excellent EP, to be listened to again and again, two high leveled tracks.


01. Glaive (It’s All The Same) (06:02)
02. The Only Road (06:40)


Thomas Jäger / Guitars and Vocals
Esben Willems / Drums
Mika Häkki / /Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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