[Review] Mowgli – Guele De Boa

Mowgli are a French trio offering Jazz Rock and Improvisation sounds, with a lineup consisting of keyboards, horns and drums. Their new album “Guele De Boa” was released on January 20, 2023 via BMC Records and contains 8 tracks of long duration, through which they enhance the technique of the artists involved. It is a listen that shows the band’s more eclectic side, a main characteristic of the band’s style, developing a sound full of complex textures and virtuoso passages. The individual technique of the artists blends to perfection, creating a very refined, original overall sound that is enriched by continuous tempo changes. More energetic and engaging passages alternate with others where the band blends experimentation and jazzy traits, also exploiting the talents of multi-instrumentalists skilled in playing several wind instruments and numerous keyboards, giving them the opportunity to exploit a wide range of sounds and stylistic solutions. It is difficult to categorise the band’s sound in a single genre, as the trio ranges even within the same track between different rhythms and styles, displaying an extremely valuable preparation and technique. The rhythm section is centred on highly technical and intricate drumming, enriched by continuous tempo changes, ranging from powerful and energetic moments to softer and more elaborate ones. The keyboards dialogue with the horns and intertwine perfectly in both the solo parts and the melodies, with occasional forays into elctro jazz, giving a fresh and modern touch to the sound. A mixture of classical and modern sounds that enhance the band’s potential thanks to their personal and original, long instrumental textures that are always very intense from beginning to end. The tracklist is well-developed, keeping the listener always involved thanks to the continuous changes and evolutions of the themes of the tracks. A recommended listen for lovers of the more modern and energetic sounds of Avangaurdia, with forays into Electro Jazz and more, making this a very interesting and engaging listen. One of the most original listens of this beginning of 2023. It will also be interesting to hear this band live, given their explosive charge and their technical and energetic sound.


01. Malalamoler (6:08)
02. One Eyed Jack (7:05)
03. Dario (6:00)
04. Léviathan (5:52)
05. Bicouic Orbidède (7:06)
06. Murkiness (7:19)
07. Grand Têtard (2:58)
08. Sauge D’une Nuit D’été (6:51)


Bastien Andrieu / Fender Rhodes, Moog LP, Piano, Synths
Ferdinand Doumerc / Saxophones, Flute
Pierre Pollet / Drums

Mowgli |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|

BMC Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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