[Review] Nautha – Metempsychosis

Nautha are an Italian band from Rome, combining Psychedelic sounds with a Prog and Alternative touch. The new album “Metempsychosis” was released on April 28, 2023 via Argonauta Records and contains 7 long-form tracks. This trio presents a sound with the guitar as the protagonist, offering gritty riffs and fine solo inserts. The rhythm section consists of solid, elaborate drumming and deep bass lines that give body to the songs. The lyrics are interpetated by dynamic, intense and expressive vocals that fit well into the band’s musical context. Long instrumental textures develop the teni of the tracks exploring the different facets that make up the band’s sound. Between Psychedelia and Progressive Rock, united by the trio’s markedly personal touch, always keeping the intensity very high. A mixture of more lysergic and Psychedelic passages, others more elaborate and Progressive with forays into the more Heavy sounds with granitic guitar riffs. An album that enhances both the compositional and performing technique of the band, thanks also to a well-constructed tracklist that guides us through this journey in the band’s sounds. The classic traits of the genre are brought into a fresh and modern context, full of ideas in line with the evolution that Rock music has had over the years. The alternation of sung parts and long instrumental sections creates an excellent malgama, enhancing both the vocal parts and the musical textures. A recommended listen for all lovers of modern Prog Rock-tinged Psychedelic sounds, a very interesting trio to follow in the future as well. It will also be interesting to listen to the live performances of this band, a concentrate of technique and energy that can surely impress the audience.


01. Heracleion (09:09)
02. Laguna (07:36)
03. Kteis (07:33)
04. Kata Kumbas (07:27)
05. Metempsychosis (01:36)
06. Cerbero (04:45)
07. Samat (08:16)


Antonio Montellanico / Vox, Bass VI, Guitar
Pierpaolo Cianca / Guitar
Giorgio Pinnen / Drums, Synth

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Argonauta Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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