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Nektar with 50 years of history behind it is one of the longest-lived Prog group remained in activity, with three members from the 70s in lineup. Besides offering the tour for the 50th anniversary, the band has also released a new album “The other side” released on January 24, 2020 for Esoteric Antenna. Available in LP, CD and Digital, it contains 8 tracks that are in part the drafting of ideas from 1978 that finally see the light in a modern key. The album opens with “I’m on fire” whose lyric was written by Moore in 1978, and is a song full of positive energy. They lead the scratchy sound riffs of guitar and organ on a solid and energetic rhythmic session, a good intro. “Skywriter” begins with Howden’s sticks to mark the rhythm before the song comes to life with a pleasant and passionate singing section. In the instrumental section a good organ solo and a guitar solo, with the return of the singing the song ends. “Love is/The other side” is the track that gives the album its title, an almost 18-minute epic that skillfully blends Love is and The other side. A song that summarizes the essence of Nektar, bass and drum are functional to the high level solos offered by Chandla and Scott. The long life of the piece is well exploited to showcase both the composition and the performance and the experience of the musicians stands out. “Drifting” begins with a gloomy atmosphere of guitar and synth and then develops into a song where the vocal touches very high levels. In addition to the voice, the solo in the instrumental part and the tempo changes should be noted, giving life to one of the best tracks moments on the disc. “Devil’s door” begins with a sweet guitar and then evolves into a more linear Rock song. The keyboards guide the sound, with a warm vocal and ‘70s-style melodies and atmospheres, as few knows how to do. “The light beyond” is a short passage of keyboards only, before “Look thru me.” A song by Chandla with voice and guitar and dreamy keyboard inserts. “Y can’t I B more like u” is the final song in which the band returns and offers a pleasant closing. A group that offers a job that makes you feel the weight of 50 years of experience with class. The ideas from the ‘70s have been cleverly transported to a disc that mixes the warmth of time and the freshness of our days. It will be a pleasure to listen to these songs live during the tour, a band that over the years has maintained very high musical levels.


1. I’m on fire
2. SkyWriter
3. Love is / The Other Side
4. Drifting
5. Devil’s Door
6. The Light Beyond
7. Look Through me
8. Y Cant I B more like U (2020)


Derek “Mo” Moore / Bass, Vocals
Ron Howden / Drums, Vocals
Randy Dembo / Bass, 12-String Guitar
Ryche Chlanda / Guitar, Vocals
Kendall Scott / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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