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Neon Heart is a Psychedelic/Krautrock band born in 2017 and based in Stockholm, Sweden. They have released some singles and two Full-Lengths, the latest of which the self-produced “Neon Heart” released on May 29, 2020. The album contains 6 medium-long length tracks, which carry on their musical thought based on a modern and eclectic Krautrock with personal character. It’s available in first pressing LP in limited edition of 100 copies, LP, Cassette and Digital. The opener “Hashima” is the longest track on the album, characterized by melodic interweaving between the electronic viola and the sax, giving life to very elaborate experiments. A complex and intricate track, developed on a solid rhythmic session with the two instruments that create effect layers with very psychedelic tones, immediately immersing us in the sound atmospheres that will characterize the entire album. “Det h√§nder ingenting” begins with a deep and hypnotic bass and an effected German vocal to which a distorted and cutting guitar is soon added. The drum draws a very percussive rhythm, while the melodies are as always guided by the experimental evolutions between sax and viola to which the guitar is added. The central part is characterized by a long instrumental section with Krautrock atmospheres pulled to the extreme, while with the return of the vocal the piece closes. “Dagarna f√∂rsvann” again presents a percussive rhythm of drum, and atmospheric layers to the melodies, on which an effected vocal is inserted and which is well suited to the textures of the piece. Shorter than the previous ones, it still contains elaborate experimentations and intricate plots. “Till dig √§nnu en g√•ng” is another long-playing track, with repeated sax inserts and an ever-effect-rich vocal. The rhythmic structure is characterized by a hypnotic and repeated bass, while the melodies as well as the sax offer guitar cues. While in the second part with a change it transforms becoming softer always however very sophisticated and experimental, with intertwining between sax and voxce that guide us to the final. “Tupolev in the air” begins with an always intricate rhythm with Jazzy characters, with more positive melodies and atmospheres than the rest of the album. The sound plots are very experimental and original, with good interlacing between guitar and sax and a constantly changing drum with changes and accelerations. A good song, different and original, while maintaining the sound imprint that characterizes the band. The shorter track closes the album “Dagar f√∂rsvinner” with a deep and expressive vocal on viola melodies and atmospheric layers in the background. Here, too, the experimental aspect is predominant, with pleasant duets between sax and viola showing an excellent technique. An album full of experimentation, with an unusual lineup that features electric viola and sax, which make the compositions original. Very elaborate and at times intricate, a listening recommended to all lovers of Krautrock with Psychedelic veins and an avant-garde touch, their sound combines the sounds of the old school with a modern and very personal touch.


1. Hashima (09:52)
2. Det händer ingenting (07:27)
3. Dagarna försvann (03:59)
4. Till dig ännu en gång (09:09)
5. Tupolev in the air (08:55)
6. Dagar försvinner (03:19) 


Magnus Nordén / Drums 
Johnny Karlsson Kern / Bass, Vocals 
Björn Wallgren / Guitar 
Petter Kärnekull / Electronic Viola 
Daniel Borgeg√•rd √Ąlg√• / Saxophone¬†

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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