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Nine Skies are one of the best realities that the modern Progressive scene can offer, with their refined sound, continuing their growth path through 3 published albums. The last discographic release of the band proposed via Anesthetize Records, entitled “5.20” dated June 4, 2021 contains 11 tracks of medium duration, where what heard in previous works is confirmed. Mature ideas and developments, always refined phrases, where the thick lineup collaborates by enhancing the personal characteristics of the individual musicians. The album is enhanced by the presence as guests on die tracks of Steve Hackett, John Hackett and Damian Wilson, adding quality to an already exquisite album. The sounds contained in this record are highly sought after, giving life to a more unique than rare musical ensemble, where different influences and styles mix, going beyond the boundaries of Neo Prog. The composition and development of the songs are the essence of this production that keeps the listener’s attention high from beginning to end, immediately immersing us in the pleasant atmosphere of the album. The proposal while remaining anchored to modern Progressive Rock, diverges positively by crossing borders and crossing musical paths that are not always conventional, but very original and therefore capturing the essence of the genre. The research that was done in the 70s on new sounds and new sounds is re-proposed in a modern key by the Nine Skies, obviously starting from an excellent individual technique at the service of the group. The album alternates Symphonic, acoustic and pure Prog moments with ease, always with that personal touch that by now those who follow the band have learned to distinguish. The instruments used are also different, we find mandolin, violin and saxophone inserts to embellish the sound. Unlike usual, I have not analyzed tracks by track, as I find the album very interesting in its entirety, keeping the quality at a very high average level. Another special mention should be made for the vocal parts that are always very intense adapting themselves to the various situations that the album presents. An absolutely recommended album, where you can find unconventional Prog Moderne sounds, finally something innovative and personal, which does not remember this or that, but which outlines its very personal character. As with previous releases we can say that Nine Skies always manage to take a step forward in terms of quality and maturity, being today one of the most valid Prog bands on the scene today. It will be very interesting to listen to these songs live, as the quality and energy of their concerts is well known. Groups like this give hope to all lovers of Prog sounds, reminding us that our beloved genre is alive and has young exponents who hold the flag high.


01.ColourblindĀ 06:02
02.Wilderness (feat. Steve Hackett)Ā 06:04
03.Beauty of DecayĀ 02:14
04.Golden DropsĀ 04:39
05.Above the TideĀ 04:16
06.Dear MindĀ 03:26
07.The Old Man in the Snow (feat. John Hackett)Ā 05:37
08.Godless LandĀ 03:31
09.Porcelain Hill (feat. Damian Wilson)Ā 04:01
10.AchristasĀ 04:51
11.Smiling StarsĀ 06:20


AliƩnor FavierVocals
Eric BouilletteGuitars, Mandolin, Violin, Keyboards, Arrangements
Alexandre LamiaGuitars, Keyboards, Arrangements
Anne-Claire RalloKeyboards
David DarnaudGuitars
Achraf El AsraouiVocals, Guitars
Bernard HeryBass, Fretless Bass
Fabien GaliaDrums, Percussion
Laurent BenhamouSaxophones


Steve HackettGuitars
John HackettFlute
Damian WilsonVocals
Cath LubattiViolin, Viola
Lilian JaumotteCello

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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