[Review] Nine Skies – Live at Prog En Beauce 2019

Nine Skies, a band that we followed and appreciated right away for the quality of the compositions and the executive technique, proving to be one of the most pleasant Prog reality today. Currently working on their new album, but have in the meantime released a live recorded album, namely “Live at Prog En Beauce” for Anesthetize Productions. Contains 11 tracks from the 2019 live performance, in which the band hga proposed the songs from their acclaimed second album “Sweetheart Grips.” The album we appreciated and positively reviewed, was partly proposed in this high-impact live, which confirms the good things heard in the studio. An energetic band with clear ideas, where everyone collaborates to the success of a sound with original personal traits, with references to the 70s, but always projected into the future of the genre. After the introduction, which in the video shows the audience entering the concert area, the band starts the setlist with the song “Burn My Brain.” Very incisive, he immediately shows the skills of the band, a cohesive group with very clear ideas. Both the mixes between keyboards and guitar and the solo parts are good, with frequent tempo changes that embellish the piece. The vocals and the lead singer offer solid proof, sharing the stage with colleagues in the right way. While a soft intertwining between piano and guitar introduces us to “Return Home,” where the intensity increases with the passage of the song. The intertwining between guitar and keyboards is load-bearing and the vocals are warm and expressive, as is the musical presence of the band. In the instrumental section the phrases in the solos are good, leading then to the cheerful main theme and positive melodies. The warmth of the audience is felt and Eric takes the floor and introduces both the newly released album and the next track “Season Of Greed.” A dark but very engaging Prog ballad with an excellent guitar solo in the final instrumental section. Follows “Catharsis” with more dreamy features, an interlude with arpeggios and guitar inserts that dampens the tones and makes us travel among the sounds. It’s time for the title track to their studio album “Sweetheart Grips” performed to perfection, with just the right amount of power mixed with atmospheric inserts. The vocal is very intense and lends itself well to the various situations that the song represents, embellished by the changes in tempo and intensity and by the solo inserts. The harder side of their sound finds its outlet in the long instrumental, and then merges with the softer and more symphonic one with a pleasant singing. This long-lasting track is performed with mastery of both the instruments and the scene, ease and cohesion of the group. Ericf therefore presents the members of the band one by one, and then proposes “Soldiers Of Shame” where the keyboards are immediately protagonists, together with an incisive vocael, we are alive, the group is warm and performs with ease. The mixes between keyboard and guitar alternate more intricate moments and others more symphonic and the audience reciprocates with applause. Much more pulled and aggressive “Fields Of Perdition,” alternates sung and symphonic parts with other intricate and hard where even the vocal becomes sour. Another good test of the lead guitar, and the audience renews the applause while the band offers an acoustic interlude with Alex and Eric in duet. The performance ends with a very intense track “A Way Back” with a performance full of pathos with solid instrumental parts. A very positive overall performance, showing confidence and mastery of both the stage and the instruments. The music is engaging and always keeps the listener’s attention high, transmitting positive emotions. Anyone looking for a good live album to listen to will find what he was looking for in this production. Well developed and executed, this record confirms how Nine Skies are one of the most interesting bands in today’s world prog scene.


01.Burn my Brain
02.Return Home
03.Eric’s speech
04.Season of Greed
06.Sweetheart Grips
07.Eric’s speech #2 and band presentation
08.Soldiers of Shame
09.Fields of Perdition
10.Acoustic Interlude (Eric & Alex medley)
11.A Way Back (Return Home Part II)


Alexandre LamiaGuitar, Keyboards
Alienor FavierLead Vocals
Anne-Claire RalloKeyboards
Bernard HeryBass
Fad GaliaDrums
Laurent BenhamouSaxophones
David DarnaudGuitar
Eric BouilletteGuitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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