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Oiapok is an eclectic French band that blends Progressive Rock sounds with Future Jazz, Funk and more. The first album “OisoLün” was released on February 09, 2023 and contains 6 long-form tracks. The title track is a 2-minute Tropicalia-sounding intro with a pathos-laden female vocal joining dreamy guitar arpeggios. Xylophone melodies and percussion open “Summer 19,” incorporating Caribbean and Soundtrack music elements. The rhythm section gives a Funky feel to the track, with tempo changes that take the sound into Prog and Future Jazz u nterritory. Skillful the band in spacing between all the genres that make up their style, offering a track with personal and original traits. The bass lines are deep and load-bearing ele perti warm vocals, ending with a crescendoing instrumental section. A choral vocal characterizes the intro of “Les Grands Equipages de Lumière,” and then develops into an interweaving of Prog and Jazzy traits. Winds and vibraphone are central to the melodies, while a hypnotic bass line gives body to the track. The vocal parts are elaborate and reminiscent of the style of bands such as Magma. Elaborate and technical, it shows the more Experimental side of the band with constant tempo changes and intricate phrasing between instruments to which the vocal parts are added. “Le Concierge” opens dreamy atmospheres between gentle arpeggios and an intense and expressive vocal. The drumming alternates more minimal passages with technical and elaborate tempo changes, while the bass lines are deep. A blend of modern jazz, a fine vocal performance and continuous tempo changes that show the band’s more Avant-prog side. The longest track on the album, “Frogs Might Disappear,” which exceeds 8 minutes in length is perhaps the most complex in structure. Accelerated, at times frenetic rhythms, intricate and very technical textures and passages that follow one another and intertwine thanks to the constant tempo changes. In the final part the track opens up by incorporating elements of Tropicalia and adding a choral vocal. The final track “So Empty It Looks Real” opens with acoustic guitar and a bass arpeggio. The drumming is very minimal rarely creeps in, leaving more room for experimentation and an outstanding vocal test. The most avant-garde track of the whole record, offering a practically acoustic Experimental and Futurist Jazz with a very personal style. A distinctive, at times copmplex album that reveals new ideas and nuances with each listen. The tracklist is well constructed, showing and enhancing different influences that make up the band’s original style. Certainly the Jazz and Vanguard component are predominant over Prog, making the album original. A recommended listen for those who like to explore sounds different from the classical ones, the album in fact is an innovative blend of genres and styles with personal traits.


01. OisoLün (02:21)
02. Summer 19 (06:46)
03. Les Grands Equipages de Lumière (06:03)
04. Le Concierge (07:28)
05. Frogs Might Disappear (08:42)
06. So Empty It Looks Real (07:16)


Etienne Agard / Trombone
Fréderic Durrmann / Trombone, Whistling
Mélanie Gerber / Vocals
Guillaume Gravelin (Camembert) / Harp
Clarissa Imperatore (Camembert) / Xylophone, Vibraphone, Flutes, Percussions
Matthieu Lenormand / Drums
Valentin Sylvain Metz (Camembert) / Guitars, Mix (6)
Pierre Wawrzyniak (Camembert) / Composition, Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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