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Opensight is a Colombian band of Progressive Metal with themes related to crime films of the 70s or a plot twist in a murder mystery, all the way to a villain’s theme or the visit to an old graveyard in a supernatural thriller. Their new album “Mondo Fiction” was released on February 04, 2022 and contains 11 tracks that show a heavier side of the band’s sound. The album opens with “In Here With Us” which begins with a frenetic rhythm session and powerful guitar riffs, creating a dark atmosphere. The track evolves with a dynamic vocal and continuous tempo changes, immediately immersing us in the sound of the band permeated with cinemtographic references. After the impact of the previous “The Great Silence” he begins by recalling the soundtracks of the 70s cops, with a Funky guitar in evidence. With a change the vocal enters and the sound moves towards their personal traits, mixing Prog and Metal with massive guitar riffs and a solid rhythm. The singing is an added value for the sound, as well as the tempo changes and the elaborate, well composed and executed textures. “Plot Twist” features an intro in the style of a 70s thriller film, and then with a change unleash all the energy of the band. Granitic riffs and a monolithic rhythmic session, with the vocal that stands out for its dynamism and interpretation. The tempo changes enhance the sound and ideas of the band, skilled in passing from the hardest moments to cinematic inserts, with a fine solo in the instrumental section. A powerful and percussive drumming opens “Stained Remains” with fine interweaving of electric guitar and orchestral inserts. The rhythm session is constantly evolving with accelerated and high-level tempo changes, while the vocal offers the usual test of thickness. An intense track, with excellent ideas well composed and executed that enhance the technique of the artists involved. “Another New Beginning” is a short 53-second interlude that proposes an accelerated and energetic Metal, with a mysterious atmosphere. Connecting to the final melody of the previous “Primitive Principle” it develops with granite guitar riffs and a massive rhythm session. Good mixes between the guitar and the orchestral background, while the vocal offers a convincing proof with a singing closer to the modern sounds of the genre. In the central part the band offers an instrumental section with synths and guitars that communicate well, and then return to the vocals and close. “Curse” features a soundtrack-style intro by Quentin Tarantino, which increases in intensity as the minutes pass. The vocal is intense and with mysterious features, while the guitar is at the center of the sound between riffs and inserts with original features, also offering a short solo in the central part. In the finale they return to the theme of the intro to close. Another short-lived interlude “Horror Vacui” features more ambient and horror movie-style sounds, with keyboards alone accompanying us for 1:23 minutes. The longest track on the “Villain” album opens with a scratchy guitar, developing harsh sounds with references to soundtracks like Batman or Spiderman. In the central instrumental section the guitar offers a pleasant solo, at times technical and then the vocal returns for the last verses, before the instrumental closure. “Secrecy” is another track of over 7 minutes in length, featuring an intro reminiscent of 70s thrillers, then combined with the band’s more Prog Metal personal traits. An interesting blend, with the sound that increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes evolving with continuous changes of tempo and alternating softer passages with other more Heavy ones. Good mixes between the guitar and the keyboard inserts with the vocal that is dynamic and expressive. Closes the album “Thunderball” characterized by an intertwining of keyboards and guitar on which the vocal stands out, while the rhythm session is constantly evolving. A particular track, with mysterious atmospheres that mix with cinematic features of the past. A band that offers a sound with original personal features, mixing the style of 70s movie soundtracks with modern Prog Metal. The continuous tempo changes and the vocal are an added value of the sound, as well as the keyboard inserts that give that cinematic touch to the sound. A pleasant album with good ideas inside, well composed and performed by enhancing the individual technique of the band.


01. In Here With Us (02:55)
02. The Great Silence (05:25)
03. Plot Twist (05:37)
04. Stained Remains (04:51)
05. Another New Beginning (00:53)
06. Primitive Principle (04:08)
07. Curse (05:39)
08. Horror Vacui (01:23)
09. Villain (07:28)
10. Secrecy (07:08)
11. Thunderball (02:44)


Iván David-Amaya / Vocals, Guitar
Carlos Gomez / Guitar
Juan Carlos Sanchez / Bass
Giovanny Niño / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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