[Review] Opsis – End Of Light

Opsis is a band from Perugia, Italy that plays a blend of Progressive Psychedelic Rock. The concept EP “Ends Of Light” was released on March 21, 2023 and contains three long tracks including an epic over 13 minutes long. The album is dedicated entirely to Nightfall, a short story by Isaac Asimov (1941). The opener “One Voice Under The Stars” is the longest on the disc, and is characterised by an introductory part with dilated sounds over which an effects-enriched vocal is inserted. The song is developed in a musical crescendo by developing the central theme between layers of sounds, modulations with effects and melodic interlacing. In the middle part, distorted guitar riffs and an aggressive vocal take the sound into heavier territory, combining Psychedelia, Experimentation and a touch of Prog. The band is adept at combining the different styles and genres that make up their sound, through a technical and elaborate interpretation that is markedly personal. The title track “End Of Light” is the ‘shortest’ track, still exceeding five minutes in length. Guitar arpeggios open the track, and then with a change develop a solid and elaborate rhythm section with a killer bassline, over which a dynamic and expressive vocalist energetically interprets the lyrics. The structure is very elaborate, managing to combine heavy and psychedelic passages with progressive openings and forays into experimentation. In the second part, vocal parts and intense instrumental sections accompany us to the finale in a very elaborate and involving musical crescendo. Listening concludes with the third track “Wearing Me Out,” which opens with a deep, dark-sounding intro. Very rhythmic drumming enters, while melodic lines layer arpeggios and then transform with scratchy guitar riffs. A track that shows the more Heavy and Psychedelic facet of the band’s sound, with a warm and expressive vocal. Enriched with tempo changes and fine guitar work, in the second half it combines more Experimental traits to the sound, concluding with an intense Prog section and hard guitar riffs. A band that combines Psychedelia, Prog Rock with forays into Experimentation, offering a very intense tracklist from start to finish. Hard guitar riffs, solid and elaborate rhythm sections, with dynamic and intense vocals, interpreting the lyrics with energy. A recommended listen for all lovers of Prog sounds with forays into Heavy Psych and Experimental, a good concept very intense and elaborate from beginning to end.


01. One Voice Under The Stars (13:53)
02. End Of Light (05:56)
03. Wearing Me Out (07:29)


Luca Padalino / Bass
Nico Pagliaricci / Guitar & Keys
David Montyel / Vocals & Lyrics

Marco Severi
/ Drums
Francesco Angeli / Baritone Sax

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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