[Review] Otakusuite – Eggs

Otakusuite is an Italian instrumental Psychedelic Stoner band. On March 6, 2020 they released their debut album “Eggs” for Argonauta Records, containing 7 tracks. The band’s sound mixes influences of various styles, from Jazz to Prog, passing through Funky, with technique and quality. The opening track “Chicken Caravan Deluxe” begins with guitar riffs close to Funky and then develops a theme that mixes the band’s many Psychedelic veins. The guitar offers a long solo until the middle of the piece and then enters a softer and more elaborate section with an excellent test of the rhythmic session between tempo changes and an elaborate drum. A good start that catapult us into the atmosphere of the album. “Mannann Mac Lir” is characterized by a softer and Psychedelic rhythm of the late 60s with the guitar as protagonist. The intensity increases with the development of the song where a solid bass draws an excellent supporting column and the guitar is free to express itself. In the second part the tones are exacerbated, transforming with emphasis and the features of the Stoner. In the end the calm returns and the song closes. “Y.E.S.” it has Jazzy features proof of the group’s different technique and influences. The Progressive and Jazzy traits merge creating an intense song where all the artists involved are freer to express themselves and offer a great test. In the second part with a sudden it turns into a section halfway between the Stoner and Psychedelia to close in crescendo. “Killer Monk” after a short intro starts with power and distortions with a very tight rhythmic session. This powerful piece is one of the most incisive moments on the album. “Country cousins ​​meet the wolf” as the title plunges us into a country atmosphere where the guitar where the guitar sports quality in guiding the sound. When the power increases, excellent tempo changes and solos guide us to the softer and psychedelic central section. All the stylistic veins of the band are summarized in this song which offers an excellent example of the flexibility of Otakusuite. “The course of the bready bready” begins with a slow Jazzy rhythm with a soft guitar and everything is precise and elaborate. When the song comes alive, the initial part mixes the initial part with distortions and Stoner, offering one of the most intricate and pleasing pieces of the entire work. The disc “Insert Coin” closes with an elaborate Psychedelic piece that alternates more electric moments with softer ones between sudden tempo changes and whirling accelerations. With a slight gloomy vein in certain riffs and more harmonious openings a worthy conclusion for this album. A new band that I am sure will not be long in establishing itself in its genre, given the quantity and quality of influences heard here. Lovers of Psychedelic sound will be pleasantly impressed by the ideas contained here. I recommend listening to the record, a good first step for the Italian band, which offers freshness and quality.


1. Chicken Caravan Deluxe 03:36
2. Manannan Mac Lir 09:47
3. Y.E.S. (Your Endless Serendipity) 07:33
4. Killer Monk 02:24
5. Country Cousins Meet The Wolf 11:09
6. The Curse Of The Bready Bready Flute 07:29
7. Insert Coin 06:46


Marcos Rovini / Guitar
Dario Lupo Donati / Bass
Elia Petrosino / Drum

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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