[Review] Ovrfwrd – There are no Ordinary Moments

Ovrfwrd is a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota formed in 2012 that offers Jazz Fusion sounds steeped in Progressive Rock, entirely instrumental. Their new album “There are no Ordinary Moments” was released on January 12, 2024 and contains 10 tracks that explore the different facets that characterise their style. Elaborate textures, well-crafted solo inserts and intertwining melodies between guitar and keyboards move from more Jazz and Fusion moments to more Progressive openings. The rhythm sections are technical and elaborate and are enriched by continuous tempo changes that allow them to range through the different generics that make up their sound. Interesting is the mixture of the more intricate passages typical of Jazz with the increases in intensity that take the sound into heavier territory with distorted guitars. Undoubtedly we are in front of a fresh and modern album, both in approach and style, succeeding in creating its own personal sound and enhancing the individual technique of the band’s musicians. Some virtuosic solo inserts and complex textures show great technical preparation as well as good ideas, always keeping the intensity and complexity of the compositions very high, which are however always very accessible to the listener. The development of the tracklist is varied, managing to explore all the different facets that make up the band’s style, guiding the listener through 10 tracks that always keep their attention. We can thus find within the album a variety of quality ideas, composed and performed by musicians that denote experience and technique both compositional and performing. A very interesting album, which manages to keep the listener glued to the speakers for the entire duration. A recommended listen for all lovers of the more Jazzy and Fusion side of Progressive Rock, with some Heavy passages and elaborate textures, enhancing the band’s technique.


01. Red Blanket (8:13)
02. Eagle Plains (7:58)
03. The Virtue Of… (5:52)
04. Flatlander (3:14)
05. Tramp Hollow (5:28)
06. Notes Of The Concubine (8:20)
07. Eyota (12:39)
08. Chateau La Barre (2:12)
09. Serpentine (6:54)
10. The Way (7:30)


Rikki Davenport / Drums and Percussion
Mark Ilaug / Guitars
Kyle Lund / Bass Guitar
Chris Malmgren / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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