[Review] Parahelio – Surge Evelia, Surge

Parahelio is a Peruvian band that offers an instrumental Post-Rock with psychedelic traits, mainly based on the guitar. In 2019, their debut album “Surge Evelia, surge,” was available only digitally, available on vinyl from 8 May 2020 and produced by Necio Records, a label attentive to the South American movement of the genre and beyond. Three tracks make up the album for 46 minutes total, in which the band describes with music the atmosphere of the Andean city La Rinconada, located on top of the mountains. The songs on the album, all long lasting, are mainly structured around the guitar, with variations in tempo in the rhythmic session, atmospheric and more electric sounds that alternate. The length of the tracks allows them to recreate the atmosphere of the place described with very dilated passages, long pauses and some accelerated rhythm. An album that needs some more listening to be understood in its entirety, certainly not easy to approach, but which for lovers of the genre may be interesting. The choice of the band seems clear, to convey the sensations that can be felt in a city so high in the mountains, with few inhabitants and abandoned areas. The atmospheric features prevail over the more rhythmic ones, the guitar dominates the sound with melodic layers and more electric inserts, the rhythmic session marks the timing well. In conclusion, this is a pleasant album for lovers of the genre, complicated and elaborated on schemes other than the classic ones, recommended listening to lovers and enthusiasts of instrumental Post-Rock sounds.


Surge Evelia, Surge (12:33)
2. Gestos y Distancia (13:51)
3. Ha’Adam (23:09)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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