[Review] Psychic Lemon – Freak Mammal

Psychic Lemon is the modern expression of the English-style Krautrock/Space. The debut in 2016 with “Psychic Lemon,” in 2018 “Frequency rhythm distorsion delay” which is considered one of the best Psych albums in recent years, followed by “Live from the Smokehouse” and the latest release “Freak mammal.” Published on November 8, 2019 via Drone Rock Records is available on CD and Digital, while the LP version is sold out. The opener “Dark Matter” is a hypnotic and powerful piece, with guitars taken to the extreme between effects and pedal. A mix of Psych sounds and Doom traits with the power of Metal, all with a drum that beats incessantly. “Seeds of tranquility” with an almost tribal rhythm of drum and oriental psychedelic melodies. The deep and repeated bass creates a meditative atmosphere, on which the slide guitar, softer than the previous one, guides us along the journey. “Afrpotropic bomb” returns with a tribal rhythm, the bass that in the background creates a repeated hypnotic line and the melodies of the keyboards reminiscent of Afrobeat music. A powerful mixture of drawn psychedelic sounds, which explode in the ears like a bomb, as written in the title. “Free electron collective” is the most linear of the album, with the guitar protagonist, at times cutting edge. Spatial openings that fit between guitar outbursts, with a drum that offers roll and speed up with a penetrating bass line. “White light” is the shortest but still very intense track, the rhythm is pulled with a Space/Cosmic atmosphere. The rhythmic session is frenetic, the guitar at times melodic in other cutting edges, with the keyboards that increase the frenzy of the song. A group that despite the vicissitudes has followed up on the good debut, adding something new to their sound. An album that, as shown by the sold out of the LP version after only two months, has its say in the panorama of modern psychedelia. Recommended listening to fans of Psych/Space/Krautrock sounds, with an eye to the past and the addition of modern ideas, a confirmation for the English band.


01. Dark Matter (10:19)
02. Seeds of Tranquility (13:34)
03. Afrotropic Bomb (08:33)
04. Free Electron Collective (07:13)
05. White Light (06:40)


Andy Briston / Guitar, Synths 
Andy Hibberd / Bass 
Martin Law / Drums 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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