[Review] Psychotropic Swamp – Coitus Interruptus

Psychotropic Swamp is a band from Barcelona formed in 2015, offering a Rock with Psychedelic, Progressive and Blues influences. The band released their first self-titled EP in February 2017, achieving good visibility. On 1 October 2019, they released their debut full-length “Coitus Interruptus” that was recorded at the Bucbonera Studio in July. Edited and mixed by Tomàs Robisco, while the mastering was curated by Victor Garcia. The album released for La Cupola Music is available in Cd and Digital format and consists of 7 tracks. “Coitus” is an instrumental track that begins with the sound of a thunderstorm, enters the guitar with an acid riff and therefore bass and drum. The guitar is protagonist, with a solo that guides us for the duration of the piece, the rhythm is growing, only to fall into the outro. “Nothing” opens with a nice game of drum and a phat bass and enters the vocals. Rhythmic and strong, with shades of Blues Rock, halfway through the guitar offers a good solo, followed by a more elaborate instrumental passage. In closing, another guitar solo leads us to the final. In “Judgment Day” drum marks a rhythm with tom, while the sound has western veins. Remember a ride in the prairies, and at 1:47 it changes with the entry of a guitar solo, while the rhythmic base continues its run. A quick acceleration brings us back to Blues Rock and the song ends with the guitar always the protagonist. “Glass Done” has a softer intro than acoustic guitar, with a deep bass and a softer voice. Half way through the electric guitar, the atmosphere is a little melancholy and the rhythm changes often, even here a good solo takes us to the end. “Going Down“, incoming bass riff and guitar to intertwine, part made vowel and track opens. Good electric phrases, at 3 minutes a sudden change, the bass that creates deadly lines and the rhythm returns Blues Rock. A song that is very reminiscent of the atmospheres of the 70s, in the end another time change and between riffs and elaborate bass lines it closes. “Mothership” opens with a powerful intro Bluesy, the voice and in the middle an instrumental break with a nice electric guitar solo. Until the end, the piece is guided by the guitar and the bass. “Interruptus” is the final track and starts with another round of energetic bass and with the most psychedelic guitar. Up to half guitar and bass intersect in riffs and well-structured lines. At 5 minutes an acceleration and the piece between solos and time changes, closes with the initial noises of the storm and a baby cry. Good performance for the Spanish band, with their first full-lenght, their sound is solid and well-developed. The influences of groups like Cream, Led Zeppelin, Ten Years After and Jimi Hendrix, are evident, mixed with a modern and personal style. Placed in a context Blues Rock, the psychedelic veins are felt only in minimal quantity. The vocal is precise with a vowel that adapts to the various moments of the album, the guitar is omnipresent and offers a proof of quality. The drum is well-structured and the bass draws lines worthy of note. A record that will appeal to lovers of the guitar-driven Blues Rock genre, well-developed but accessible and direct. A good debut for the Psychotropic Swamps, which with their sound make us return to the golden age of Rock Music.


1. Coitus (5:15)
2. Nothing (5:19)
3. Judgement Day (4:12)
4. Glass Dome (7:19)
5. Going Down (5:45)
6. Mothership (5:51)
7. Interruptus (9:16)


Sergio Fuentes / Guitar and Vocal
Adrián López
/ Bass
Albert Suñé / Drums
Manuel Cano / Guitar and Vocal

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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