[Review] Radien – From Marvel to melancholia EP

Radien is the project created by two members of the French Prog band Nine Skies, Anne-Claire Rallo and Eric Bouillette. On 18 January 2020 they released the EP “From Marvel to melancholia” composed by three tracks. The opener “From Marvel to melancholia” is the track that gives the title to the EP, which begins with a soft atmospheric guitar and a deep drum base. The vocal layers are soft and expressive, and the intensity increases with passaging the song. In the second part it is more powerful and elaborate with a long instrumental section and a synth solo at the end. “Within 4 walls” begins with a repeated guitar arpeggio and a drum that create a gloomy atmosphere. Excellent melodies in the background and guitar inserts, on which the vocal with melancholy features is inserted pleasantly. It is the shortest song on the album and is accompanied by a nice video on the band’s YouTube channel. The “She’s gone” EP closes, characterized by a pleasant melody on the guitar, and a vocal that best interprets the lyrics. The sax of Laurent Benhamou is added which embellishes the sound, this too is a very intense and evocative song. An original work that shows the qualities of the musicians involved. Something that comes out of the traditional schemes and that lets itself be listened to with pleasure, we will surely hear about the future of this project in a positive way.


1. From Marvel to Melancholia (06:04)
2. Within 4 Walls (03:53)
3. She’s Gone (05:03)


Anne-Claire Rallo
Eric Bouilette

Laurent Benhamou

Radien |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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