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Red32 is a new project born in the USA that combines Progressive Rock and Pop, managing to blend the various influences of the 4 artists involved. The one-song debut album was released on June 17, 2023 via Melodic Revolution Records and contains 10 tracks in which two guests participate. From the very first notes of the album we are immersed in a style of modern Prog contaminated by Pop sounds with an electronic touch. Keyboards and drum programming parts enhance the more electronic aspect of the band, which as the press-release mentions is close to the sounds of Ozric tentacles and Klaatu among others. The rhythm section is always solid and elaborate, enriched by tempo changes and the intertwining of drums and patterns and with deep, load-bearing bass lines that give body to the songs. The guitar and keyboards create good phrasing in the melodies, thus allowingop the band to range between different genres and styles. The vocal parts are dynamic and fit well into the musical context of the record, special mention should be made of the lyrics, which are researched and with topical themes. In the course of listening, the band takes us on this journey through the different backgrounds of the artists who make up the lineup. A pleasant alternation of melodic tracks, Ambient passages, engaging pop passages and other Prog and Art Rock. A recommended listen for all lovers of the most modern sounds of Progressive music, offering a varied and intense tracklist from start to finish.


01. Burn Into The Sun (04:53)
02. Evil Never Sleeps (05:38)
03. A Place To Call Home (05:05)
04. Light Bearing Creatures (04:16)
05. Flow (06:17)
06. The Very First Band In Space (05:36)
07. Mean (04:06)
08. Slow Burn (05:13)
09. Space Rider (03:42)
10. Tribute (02:02)


Anthony Romero / Keys, Spoken Word, & Background Vocals
Steve Bonino / Vocals Bass Guitar Keys, Drum Programing
Robert Schlinder / Keys
Eric Confer / Guitar

Special Guests:
Mike Sherrill
/ Drums on Slow Burn
Billy Allen / Bass on Mean

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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