[Review] Rëlisp – Akt​ï​w1 EP

Rëlisp is a new Mexican project offering Rock In Opposition and Zeuhl sounds, inspired by major 70s bands such as Magma and Weidorje. The debut EP “Aktïw1” was released on November 03, 2023 via Noizu Records and contains 3 long tracks. Patrick Gauthier (Magma- Weidorje) also contributes to the album on electric piano in the last two tracks. The EP opens with the shortest track in duration, “Arrakis,” which still exceeds six minutes. Retro Zeuhl imprinting permeates the sound, and the track immediately immerses us in the band’s music. Elaborate textures with keyboards, horns and viola in evidence characterise the sound, with interweaving and vocal modulations typical of the genre. The rhythm section is solid and elaborate, full of tempo changes, allowing us to move from more energetic moments to openings with dilated and enveloping sounds. “Sündïa (rest in peace in silence)” opens with piano and viola phrasing, a track in which Patrick Gauthier participates. The intensity increases as the minutes go by, evolving the track’s central theme between energetic passages and more delicate openings, enhancing the band’s compositional and performing technique. The vocal parts are intense and expressive, in pure Zeuhl style, fitting perfectly into the musical context of the track. Another excellent track that confirms the good things heard in the opener and keeps the intensity high, proposing a refined sound. The EP concludes with ‘Zenösyne’ which is the longest track in duration, running over 7:40. Here again we see the participation of Patrick Gauthier on electric piano. The first part of the track slowly develops the central theme, interweaving keyboards, woodwinds, viola and the modulations of the vocals. The rhythm section is solid and elaborate, and the track increases in intensity as the minutes pass, enriched by continuous and well-constructed tempo changes. Between intertwining instrumental parts and sophisticated vocals, the track flows pleasantly, enveloping the listener and transporting him into the band’s musical world, always very refined and full of quality ideas. A very intense debut EP full of high-level ideas, where the band succeeds in its three long tracks in bringing the classic atmospheres of the Zeuhl and R.I.O. genre into a fresh and modern context. The band’s personal style, as well as their compositional and performing technique are enhanced in these long tracks with instrumental and vocal parts that intertwine beautifully. A recommended listen for all lovers of Zeuhl and Rock In Opposition sounds, refined and intense from start to finish.


01. Arrakis (06:29)
02. Sündïa (rest in peace in silence) (07:27)
03. Zenösyne (07:41)


Demian Burgos / Drums and Voices
Carlos Greco / Saxophone and Voices
Mario Sánchez / Guitar and Voices
Jesus Fierro / Viola
Jorge Zenteno / Piano
Patrick Gauthier / Electric Piano (Tracks 2,3)

Corine Herrera / Voices
Alonso Hernández / Bass

Rëlisp |Facebook Page|

Noizu Recordings |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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