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Rêverie is an Italian Folk Progressive band, which mixes modern music with traditional instruments of popular music. They have 4 albums to their credit, the last of which “Orpheus” released on April 15, 2021 and containing a long suite divided into 7 parts with Prologue and Epilogue. The album opens with “Prologue/Stabat nude aestas” which introduces us to listening with natural atmospheric noises and a soft guitar arpeggio. The folk traits stand out and the track with its positive melodies is pleasant. “Parte 1/Un gesto nel silenzio” begins with layers of guitar and keyboard that intertwine, the bass is deep and the atmospheres dilated and dreamy. The very intense and committed vocal enters, while the music develops an ethereal and enveloping theme, unfortunately without a rhythmic session. In “Parte 2/Anime amanti” the atmospheres remain dilated and ethereal, with the vocal being warm and expressive again, while the choice of depriving oneself of drum and percussion in the long run can make something lack. While the textures that are created between traditional instruments are of exquisite workmanship, a strong point of this piece. “Parte 3/Costante metamorfosi” continues in the wake of the previous ones, intertwining instruments and choral voices, more folklore than rock. Acoustic and symphonic, a flowing track. “Parte 4/Invisibile poesia” there is a greater presence of modern sounds, while the atmosphere remains soft and dilated, with a dark background. “Parte 5/Dalle immensità lontane” is the longest track, with deep bass and a more elaborate theme development with more tempo changes. However, the track that best sums up the sounds of the group remains, with also a crescendo ending with rhythmic parts that bring the sound to a high level. The album and this long suite ends with “Epilogue / Et spicea serta gerebat” a dreamy track made of intertwining guitar and keyboards, very soft and symphonic. An overall pleasant album, but which in my opinion suffers from the lack of a rhythmic session. I find the longest song the best, summing up the band’s sonic imprinting, to be included more in Folk than in Prog, even if some ideas are interesting. With interweaving between traditional instruments of a good level, the album in the long run lacks a bit of incisiveness.


01.Prologo / Stabat nuda aestas2:52
02.Parte 1 / Un gesto nel silenzio3:50
03.Parte 2 / Anime amanti5:48
04.Parte 3 / Costante metamorfosi4:18
05.Parte 4 / Invisibile poesia5:42
06.Parte 5 / Dalle immensità lontane9:14
07.Epilogo / Et spicea serta gerebat4:02


Alberto SozziClarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flutes, Ewii, Keyboards, Banjo, Ukulele, Didgeridoo, Live Electronics
Valerio VadoGuitars, Mandolin, Keyboards, Bass Pedals
Fanny FortunatiLead Vocals, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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