[Review] Saint Karloff – Paleolithic War Crimes

Four years after the previous “Interstellar Voodoo” the Norwegians Saint Karloff return with a new record release. Entitled “Paleolithic War Crimes,” it was released on June 02, 2023 via Majestic Mountain Records and contains 7 long-form tracks. The record is dedicated to bassist Ole Sletner (1983-2021), who tragically passed away prematurely from cancer. From the very first notes of the opener “Psychedelic Man” the band leads us into their musical realm between Heavy, Psychdelia and Prog. Granitic and addictive guitar riffs, killer bass-lines and monolithic and powerful drumming are the ingredients that make up their sound. A band that manages to bring the sounds of the past into a modern and personal context, as in “Blood Meridian.” The guitar intertwines with keyboards, while the rhythm section is pulled and energetic, enriched by tempo changes. A passage that mixes Prog and Heavy Psychedelia, with dynamic and expressive vocal parts and a valuable guitar solo insert that then leaves room for the organ. The tempo changes and long instrumental textures enhance the band’s technique and are a real added value. Dreamy guitar arpeggios and an atmospheric background characterize “Among Stone Columns.” the shortest track ell album that turns out to be a pleasant interlude. With “Bone Cave Escape” we return to the band’s more raw sounds, hard guitar riffs and a solid, elaborate rhythmic section. A concentration of energy, piercing and at times aggressive vocal parts that alternate with instrumental sections enriched by tempo changes and valuable guitar work. Once again the tempo changes are an added value, allowing to evolevere the theme of the song and develop an original sound. In the seventh part the band explores more Progressive sounds with absolutely valuable solo textures. “Nothing To Come” opens with a long introductory part with guitar and vocals that takes our minds back to the early 1970s. With the entry of a deep bass line, the track increases in intensity leading into heavy rock with scratchy guitar riffs. An instrumental section develops a guitar solo and then returns to a Prog context. The track is a succession of emotions and high-level ideas, developed thanks to the band’s continuous tempo changesand technique. In the finale an outstanding organ solo closes the track in a musical crescendo. Hard guitar riffs, powerful drumming and a killer bassline characterize “Death Don’t Have No Mercy.” A burst of energy to which is added an effects-enriched vocal, guitar solo inserts and a Heavy Blues feel. A track that brings the sounds of the Heavy Rock bands of the late 1960s early 1970s into a modern context. The longest track in duration “Supralux Voyager” concludes the album and this enjoyable journey. The guitar arpeggios are layered as the vocals passionately interpret the lyrics and the rhythm section and sound increase in intensity as the muntos flow. Long instrumental sections in which the guitar offers valuable melodies and solo inserts. A blend of Prog and Psychedelia that accompanies us throughout the more than 8 minutes, enhancing the band’s compositional and performing technique. This band succeeds in bringing the atmosphere and sounds of the Golden Years of Rock into a modern and markedly personal context. A tracklist that enhances all the musical nuances of the band, adept at spanning Psychedelia, Progressive and Heavy Rock. Both the music and the vocal parts are intense and alternate, creating tracks where the band expresses its full potential. An excellent listen for all lovers of Rock sounds between Psychedelia and Prog, between retro and modern with a marked personal style.


01. Psychedelic Man (06:39)
02. Blood Meridian (05:24)
03. Among Stone Columns (02:02)
04. Bone Cave Escape (06:25)
05. Nothing To Come (07:01)
06. Death Don’t Have No Mercy (04:42)
07. Supralux Voyager (08:25)


Mads Melvold / Guitars and Vocals
Ole Sletner / Bass
Adam Suleiman / Drums
Corny Henry / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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