[Review] Scars Of Logic – Warehouse of Erratic Souls

Scars Of Logic is a Portuguese band that offers solid Progressive Metal sounds with long tracks and large instrumental parts. Their debut album “Warehouse of Erratic Souls” was self-released on November 15, 2022 and contains six long tracks with an epic over 19 minutes in the finale. The album opens with “? Day,” which immediately immerses us in the band’s granitic sound with heavy riffs and a tight, powerful rhythm section. The vocals are energetic and dynamic. The tempo changes are an added value to the song, between accelerations and technical passages with the guitar in great prominence with beautifully crafted riffs and inserts. In the second part, an instrumental section to which choral vocals are added, then accelerates again, incorporating elements of Power Metal and Prog, and concludes with a crescendo. The title track “Warehouse of Erratic Souls” is another concentration of technique and power, with excellent guitar work. The rhythm section adds power to the track and the vocals are dynamic and aggressive, intensely interpreting the lyrics. In the second part, the guitar offers a refined and technical solo cue, before returning to the central theme and closing. “When The Dreams Die” opens with softer guitar arpeggios, then develops the song with power and a touch that incorporates elements of classic heavy metal. In the middle part, they also touch on heavier Metal with accelerations and precise and timely tempo changes, enhancing the band’s compositional and performing technique. The vocals are aggressive and add power to the song, which ends with a melancholic guitar solo. Heavy guitar riffs open “Conveyer of Brutality,” featuring an ever-changing rhythm section. The sound is tight, powerful, and enriched by tempo changes that mark the band’s distinctly original compositional style. In the middle section, the guitar takes centre stage with a prolonged virtuoso solo that takes us to the final part with a choral vocal that closes the song. “Cryptic Command” is a concentration of power and dark atmospheres, with fine guitar work over a monolithic rhythm section. The song alternates between accelerations and softer parts, as in the second part where a dreamy section offers interesting guitar cues, then concludes in a musical crescendo. We come to the epic suite “Dromomania,” which clocks in at over 19 minutes, and opens with excellent interlacing of Heavy guitars. The rhythm section is constantly evolving, stretched to the max in some passages, more technical in others. Orchestral inserts, continuous tempo changes and long instrumental textures where all the artists involved work together to create a very elaborate and sophisticated album track. A refined track that shows all the sonic facets of the band, high-level ideas and excellent individual technique. A band that offers a Progressive Metal sound that is both powerful and refined, full of quality passages and elaborate textures. The guitar is at the heart of the project, the vocals are very dynamic, expressive and energetic with a solid and powerful rhythm section, enriched by tempo changes. A recommended listen for all lovers of modern Progressive Metal sounds, with well-structured and elaborate tracks, a concentrate of technique and power.


01. ? Day (06:02)
02. Warehouse of Erratic Souls (05:21)
03. When The Dreams Die (05:25)
04. Conveyer of Brutality (05:33)
05. Cryptic Command (06:27))
06. Dromomania (19:51)


Bruno Keni / Vocals
Francisco Caramelo / Guitars, Bass
Pedro Neves / Guitars, Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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