[Review] Silver Nightmares – The Wandering Angel

Silver Nightmares are an Italian band formed in 2018 that offers a personal sound, mixing different influences that come together to create a AOR/Heavy-veined Prog. In 2020 they released their debut EP “The wandering angel,” with the participation of artists from the Palermitan tour with voices and winds that embellish the sound. The album opens with “The wandering angel” the title track, which best expresses the sound idea of ​​the band, halfway between sweet melodies and more decisive openings. The vocal is warm and expressive with choral inserts and is well suited to the various situations of the song, a good start. “D.D. Dick Dastardly ”is an instrumental piece more intense than the previous one, with darker atmospheres and the fine presence of wind instruments on layers of distorted keyboards and guitars. The rhythmic session is solid, with few variations of drums unfortunately, the flute inserts in the end are excellent. “Light years away” is another song more driven with the vocal, this time both clean and always played on layers of keyboards and electric guitar and numerous tempo changes and organ inserts here and there. “David the king” is a softer and more melodic song with slight increases in intensity and flute incursions, the plot is simpler and in the form of a song. “Dame nature” is the longest song of the EP and summarizes the band’s stylistic influences even more than the opener, with sudden changes between sweeter and more intense moments and others that are more drawn. An album that for the lineup and the tools used places expectations very high, suggesting that listening is still missing a little something. The prerequisites are all there, interesting ideas here and there certainly also, with some improvements and more attention they could certainly give us thicker albums in the future.


01. The Wandering Angel 04:33
2. D.D. (Dick Dastardly) 03:23
3. Light Years Away 04:00
4. David The King 03:54
5. Dame Nature 06:40


Alessio Maddaloni / Trumpet, Dums and Percussion
Gabriele Esposito / Bass
Gabriele Taormina / Keyboards

Mimmo Garofalo / Guitars
Tody Nuzzo / Guitars
Davide Severino / Trumpet
Ace of Lovers / Flute
Simone Bonomo / Vocals
Michele Vitrano / Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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