[Review] Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska – Sounds Of A Forming Planet

Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska are a UK band playing Instrumental Psychedelic Rock with contaminations of Prog, Space Rock, Stoner. They have released many albums over the years, the new one “Sounds Of A Forming Planet” was released on June 30, 2023 and contains 3 full length tracks. This work comprises three improvised and live recordings, including the over 20-minute opener “We Are The Kosmos,” which immediately immerses us in the album’s atmosphere. It is a long journey exploring all facets of the band, adept at combining Heavy Psych, Progressive and Space Rock and a touch of Stoner, enveloping the listener. The band has a wide range of sounds and solutions at its disposal, also exploiting organ and synths for the pleasure of Prog fans and beyond. The many ideas are well constructed and executed with technique, leading the listener through a lysergic journey that combines the tradition of the genre with the band’s personal touch. The long duration of the track is used in its entirety to develop their musical concept, in a crescendo of intensity full of ideas and quality passages. The combination of distorted guitars and keyboards continues in the following “Interim,” which is the shortest on the disc, still running over 5 minutes. the rhythm section moves slowly, and the percussive drumming with guitar riffs and keyboard melodies intertwine to create a hypnotic sound with an acid atmosphere. in the second part, the song takes us to the close in a musical crescendo that develops through fine guitar work and layering enriched by scratchy distortions. The third and last track of the album “Heavy Molten Core” is over 15 minutes long and features an introductory part with an experimental sound. The track’s atmosphere is darker and more atmospheric in the first part, with a solid, slow-moving rhythm section and guitar inserts laden with effects and modulations. The intensity increases as the minutes go by, evolving the track’s central theme in this jam and inserting and layering a wide range of sounds and a robotic vocal. In the second half, the band shows its heavier, heavier side, with a granitic sound and aggressive vocals, concluding with massive riffs and powerful drumming. A listen that incorporates elements of various genres and styles between Psychedelia, Stoner, Prog and Space Rock skilfully blended thanks to the band’s personal touch. Lengthy tracks and instrumental sections develop their musical concept, guiding the listener on an always intense Psychedelic journey from start to finish. A recommended listen for lovers of Psychedelic Rock music developed over long tracks with forays into different genres and styles. It will be interesting to hear this band live, given their great ability to develop instrumental textures with technique and quality.


01. We Are The Kosmos (20:50)
02. Interim (05:09)
03. Heavy Molten Core (15:52)


Aaron Bertram / Bass, Vocals, Synth, Organ
Jarrid Kolodnicki / Guitars, Electric Kazoo
Alex Johnston – Drums and Various Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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