[Review] SubLunar – A welcome memory loss

SubLunar is a Polish band, formed in 2016 and made up of 5 members. Their self-released debut album “A welcome memory loss” out on June 17, 2019 and containing 9 tracks is available on CD and Digital Download. The album theme is the human being and its fears, joy, dreams and a lot is left to listener to interpret. The cover art is made by Bernadetta Dziubinski, a Polish artist residing in the UK, who is getting the deserved success thanks to her pictorial skills. The album opens with “Debris” characterized by hard and gloomy guitar riffs, with a solid rhythmic session, with the entry of the vocal a change brings us to softer terrains. The guitar guides the sound that alternates more aggressive moments with other calmer ones, always with a melancholic background. In the end the intensity increases and the song ends with a short solo. “Invisible” begins with a vocal that highlights the dark aspect of the band, on powerful riffs that transform into a more positive track with the passage of the song. The two guitars intertwine well and the textures are elaborate but flowing. The track ends with a final in decline with atmospheric noises and voice that connect with the following track. “The liongest minute” is an atmospheric interlude with guitar layers of just over a minute. “Square one” starts with a positive, less somber and intricate rhythm and guitar riffs, showing off the skills of the five musicians. The tempo changes are constant and the guitars create good inserts that intertwine and stratify, the vocal is more interpreted. A good solo characterizes the instrumental section, and then with the return of the vocal close the song. A softer atmosphere with acoustic and electric guitar and “Grains of sand” comes to life, with a vocal and melancholic melodies. The instrumental section is softer with a dark solo and then increases the intensity and becomes aggressive, closing the song. “Paperstrips” has a more linear rhythm with the initial guitar and vocals which enhance the darkness of their sound, with a slower rhythm. In the second part, the riffs accelerate and exacerbate, alternating calm sections with accelerated rapids, ending the song in crescendo. Massive guitar riffs characterize the beginning of “43%” with a very rhythmic, at times intricate drum. The track has an elaborate structure that changes constantly with the guitars always at the center of the project, in the second part a long instrumental section leads us to the closure. The title track “A welcome memory loss” begins with a guitar arpeggio and a delicate drum, the voice enters and the song remains calmer and very dark. In the end the intensity slightly increases, with the guitars that stratify and for the entire duration create the dark atmosphere characteristic of their sound. The album closes with “Suspension of disbelief,” the longest track, which starts immediately strong, between heavy and deep riffs and a powerful rhythmic session. It changes constantly, passing through intricate and other more linear moments, with gloomy and positive melodies that alternate. Being more free to develop their ideas given the long duration and the instrumental spaces, the musicians express all their qualities here. For development and execution one of the best tracks on the album, which best summarizes the band’s main characteristics. A positive debut for SubLunar, which offer a modern, dark and melancholic sound, focused on guitars. They deviate from the classic sounds of the Progressive, proposing a personal style, with layers of guitars. An album recommended for lovers of modern sounds, focused on the guitar, with Post-Rock contaminations and dark sounds.


01. Debris (06:26)
02. Invisible (05:57)
03. The Longest Minute (01:09)
04. Square One (06:58)
05. Grains of Sand (06:04)
06. Paperstrips (06:11)
07. 43% (06:38)
08. A Welcome Memory Loss (04:39)
09. Suspension of Disbelief (13:30)


Łukasz Dumara / Vocals
Michał Jabłoński / Guitars
Marcin Pęczkowski / Guitars
Jacek Książek / Bass
Łukasz Wszołek / Drums

SubLunar |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|YouTube Channel|

Bernadetta Dziubinski |Official Website|Facebook Page|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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