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Suspiriorum is an American supergroup formed by members of Witchcryer, Destroyer of Light, Runescarred and an Ex-Member of Hinayana. The band’s sounds are a mixture of Occult Rock, Progressive and Horror Soundtracks, influenced by bands such as Goblin, Coven and Blue Oyster Cult. The self-titled and self-penned debut EP was released on March 31, 2023 and contains 3 tracks between 4 and 5 minutes long. The opening track “Regina Di Sangue” begins with a horror and occult vocal sample. With the entry of the instruments, the track develops with fine guitar interlacing between riffs and scratchy inserts. The rhythm section is solid and elaborate, enhanced by tempo changes. Occult atmospheres permeate the track’s sound, as do the dynamic and expressive female vocal parts, which fit perfectly into the musical context. A precise alternation of instrumental sections and sung parts, with choral refrains that stick in the mind. The guitar is at the centre of the sound and offers refined solo inserts. “Mother Suspiriorum” is characterised by massive guitar riffs and a granitic rhythm section, full of tempo changes. The female vocals are warm and expressive, again alternating dynamic verses with refrains that grip the listener. The instrumental parts are very sophisticated, with a good guitar solo in the middle part of the song. The closing track “The Dark Knows” alternates between more heavy passages and openings with dilated, penetrating sounds. The distorted riffs are well constructed and the tempo changes are an added value to the structure of the track. In the instrumental section in the middle of the track, the guitar offers an extended, sharp solo. Accompanying the finale with this long instrumental part, the album ends, leaving us wanting to listen to it again in the future. An EP rich in ideas and with dense atmospheres full of intensity. The band’s Occult imprinting permeates the three tracks, which range from more heavy moments to passages with dilated and penetrating sounds. The vocal test is good, creating refrains that stick in the mind and dynamic verses. A recommended listen for lovers of the more Occult side of Rock, a mixture of Progressive Rock and Heavy passages full of interesting ideas.


01. Regina Di Sangue (04:54)
02. Mother Suspiriorum (03:47)
03. The Dark Knows (04:00)


Joseph Maniscalco / Bass and Synth
Suzy Bravo / Vocals
Tim Driscoll / Lead Guitars
Steve Colca / Rhythm Guitars
Adrian Voorhees / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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