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Suzan Köcher’s Suprafonil is the name of the new ensemble created by the German artist, which involves musicians who have roots in Turkey, Indonesia and Germany. After an EP and a full-length, on November 8, 2019 he published “Suprafon” via Unique Records, an inversion colored orange vinyl of 150 copies, Black vinyl CD and Digital Download. The opener “Peaky Blinders” is also the single that anticipated the album. It mixes Pop and Psychedelia with a slow and enveloping rhythm that immediately immerses us inside the disc. The time changes are well calibrated, Suzan’s splendid voice guides us in a retro atmosphere,. modern at the same time. “Poison ivy” begins with a guitar arpeggio on a more accelerated, danceable and engaging rhythm. The melodies and the refrain are of those that invite to follow them, always highlighting excellent singing. “Night by the sea” catapults us into the old West, the rhythm is slower and the track develops with pleasant electric guitar inserts. A good passage, bearing witness to the variety of the band’s sound, in the end, there is a guitar solo and than close. “Texan sun” is a psychedelic encounter between Pop and Folk, passionate and enveloping. The guitar creates an excellent soundtrack on which the vocal of the frontgirl stands out. So a soft rhythmic section enters, in the end a violin design a very pleasant dreamy solo that intertwines with the keyboards, one of the best moments in the album. “Zitra” is a psychedelic lysergic journey, made of dreamy atmospheres, a repeated arpeggio of guitar, percussion and far wind. “Pesky do Mesta” is linked to the previous one, less dreamy is more rhythmic, an almost danceable mid-time. The guitar layers create the supporting melodies of the song, which after an initial sung part turn into an instrumental point. “Hlavni Nadrazi” is more Pop, with all the positive traits that a song can have. Direct, catchy, with the vocal offering another exceeding proof, adapting perfectly to the text of the piece. A guitar arpeggio “Pisen Dne”, with the entrance of the instruments, an up tempo takes shape, with a layer of guitar in the background. In the end, it transforms us into the folk of the east, after which it closes. The album closes with the title-track “Suprafon,” which contains a concentration, the essence of the band’s sound. Psychedelia, folk, Pop in this track blends perfectly with an excellent vocal, guitar and keyboards to do the rest. The rhythmic and engaging session, a song that will hardly make you stand still. A mature test for Suzan Cöcher’s Suprafon, who in this second release further refine their sound and propose an excellent album at the turn of Pop, Psychedelia, and Folk. The vocal is one of the strengths, and Suzan’s voice adapts perfectly to all the situations that the record creates. A recommended listening for all lovers of Psychedelic Folk sounds, with incursions into Pop, Rock, with an original and retro touch at the same time.


  1. Peaky Blinders (5.41)
  2. Poisonous Ivy (3.28)
  3. Night by the Sea (5.23)
  4. Texan Sun (7.15)
  5. Zitra (5.15)
  6. Pesky do Mesta (3.22)
  7. Hlavni Nadrazi (3.36)
  8. Pisen Dne (3.09)
  9. Suprafon (4.59)


Suzan Köcher / Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Julian Miller / Guitars, Vocals, Synth
Alfie Joy / Bass, Piano
Jens Vetter / Drums,Mellotron & Synth

Suzan Köcher’s Suprafon |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|YouTube Channel|

Unique Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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