[Review] Svntax Error – The Vanishing Existence

Svntax Error are an Australian band that presents experimental sounds incorporating elements of Psychedelia and Post-Rock. After their critically and commercially successful debut, “The Vanishing Existence” was released on April 21, 2023 via Bird’s Robe Records and contains 8 tracks ranging from 5 to over 7 minutes in length. A listen that manages to captivate and hypnotise the listener thanks to its psychedelic imprinting and dilated sounds. The long instrumental textures also explore Post-Rock and Experimental sounds, with a fine use of Theremin and guitar. The rhythm section of the tracks is developed on elaborate drumming and deep, prtant bass lines that give the songs body. One of the main characteristics of the band is their ability to create a sound with their own distinctive traits, while keeping the intensity high throughout the tracklist. A band that is deservedly gaining international recognition with its first appearances at festivals in Europe and beyond. The vocals on the album are warm and expressive and fit well into the musical context created by the band. A band that manages to range between the various genres and styles that make up their sound. They range from more Psychedelic and enveloping tracks such as the opener “Radio Silence” or “Kelvin Waves Goodbye,” which also incorporates heavier passages. While tracks like the title track “The Vanishing Existence,” “215 Days” show the band’s more experimental side, with a fine use of sound modulations and effects, layering and evolving melodies. More energetic and lively tracks like the rhythmic and engaging “Relentless” are also present, as well as more intimate and profound passages like the closing “Backwards Through The Storm,” “Circular Argument” and “Broken Nightmares.” An album that confirms and evolves the good things heard in the debut, showing how the band is carving out an important space for itself in the modern music scene. A well-constructed tracklist, viari and full of good ideas, which enhance the band’s compositional and escuitva technique. A recommended listen for lovers of post-Rock sounds with a marked presence of Psychedelia and forays into Experimental.


01. Radio Silence (05:26)
02. Broken Nightmares (06:25)
03. 215 Days (06:26)
04. Circular Argument (05:11)
05. The Vanishing Existence (06:03)
06. Relentless (05:13)
07. Kelvin Waves Goodbye (06:44)
08. Backwards Through The Storm (07:06)


Ben Aylward / Vocals and Guitar
Ben Eadie / Drums
Matthew Syres / Guitar and Theremin
Peter Yates / Bass

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Bird’s Robe Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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