[Review] The Guildmaster – The Knight and the Ghost

The Guildmaster is a project born from an international collaboration between Kimmo Pörsti and Marco Bernard of Samurai Of Prog with Rafael Pacha, already in other worksof Kimmo. The proposed sound is a beautiful fusion of different types of Folk with Progressive textures and concepts, giving life to a unique blend with personal characters. Even the very varied instrumentation includes both traditional and characteristic Folklore instruments, as well as modern and typical Prog and Rock instruments. The album we review in this article is “The Knight and the Ghost” released on November 10, 2020 via Seacrest Oy and containing 13 tracks for over 1 hour of music. A positive note is certainly the mixing carried out by Kimmo, who manages to highlight such different instruments, not an easy task, but which is an added value of the album. The disc guides us on a musical journey full of truly original ideas where Folk and Prog music meet and merge, creating engaging melodies. From start to finish this work keeps the listener’s concentration high, given the large amount of instruments that follow one another, developing the themes of the tracks with technique and quality. This sound combination is original, where all the artists involved add quality to the sound, complex and elaborate but always accessible and flowing. Dreamy melodies alternate with symphonic parts embellished by the individual technique of the musicians and the singing always very warm and expressive. The keyboards adapt to the various phases of the album, as well as the acoustic and electric guitars, creating a high-level sonic ensemble where no instrument prevails. Past and present merge, passing from moments that remind us of the Middle Ages and other modern and clear Prog ones, where the melodies are always positive. A listening that can certainly capture the attention of a very large audience, not only linked to the Prog sounds, but also Folk lovers will be pleasantly surprised. As always, the music produced by the members of the Samurai Of Prog collective offers something new and innovative, originality is one of their winning weapons together with a very high playing technique. Another successful project for Kimmo that makes use of the collaboration of important musicians, a record that does not betray the expectations. Overall this disc is recommended both for those who already know the artists in question and for lovers of Prog and Folk, being halfway between the two genres. Another excellent chapter in the long discography of these musicians who are certainly among the best that today’s music scene can offer, who knows if this project will have a record following, we hope so.


01.Puppet Dance1:45
03.The Hare3:04
04.The Knight and the Ghost9:14
05.Stranded by the Coast5:31
06.Sixes and Five1:41
07.The Search7:35
08.Camino de Luz5:33
09.Noughts and Crosses2:27
10.The Fairy Pole3:46
11.Ghost Dance (Cosmic Wardance II)6:18
12.The Sun Rises Again5:51
13.Secret Garden2:58


Rafael Pacha / Classical, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Recorder Baroque Flutes, Keyboards, Venezuelan Cuatro, Psaltery, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Viola Da Gamba, Darbuka, Bodhrán, Low & High Whistles, Tenor Banjo, Zither, Metallophone, Long Neck Satz, Peñaparda Style Drum
Ton Scherpenzeel / Keyboards
Marco Bernard / Shuker Bass
Kimmo Pörsti / Drums, Percussion

Martti Törnwall
/ Violin (2)
Esa Lehtinen / Flute (2)
Chris Perry / Fiddle (3,7,10)
Alessandro Di Benedetti / Keyboards (4)
Camilla Rinaldi / Vocals (4)
Ariane Valdivié / Vocals (8)
Rubén Álvarez / Electric Guitar, 2nd Solo (8)
Manoel Macía / Baroque Guitar (13)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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