[Review] The Hallucinant Telepherique – Call Of The Resonant Star

The Hallucinant Telepherique is a Progressive Rock project born from an idea of the two brothers Sergio and Gino Montoya, born in Peru but living in the USA. Through their record label Erratic Music have released 2 full-lengths, the new album “Call Of The Resonant Star” was released on December 23, 2021 and contains 7 tracks ranging from over 3 to 12 minutes, in which the two brothers play all instruments. The opener “No Third” starts with a good mix between guitar and keyboard, on a solid and elaborate rthymic session enriched with tempo changes. The Progressive sound has references to the 70s revisited in modern chive and with the personal touch of the duo, with the guitar protagonist of a prolonged solo in the first part. The track closes with an intricate and drawn section with the keyboard textures in evidence, a good song that immediately plunges us into the atmosphere of the album. The title track “Call Of The Resonant Star” is an epic track lasting over 12 minutes that begins with a dreamy, soft and delicate acoustic guitar and keyboard intro. A track in continuous evolution, which increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes, enriched by intertwining keyboard and electric guitar of fine workmanship. The rhythmic session is very elaborate and enriched by percussion in some passages, with driving bass lines. A 70s inspired Prog, with references to UK bands like Camel with a touch of Rush in the use of the guitar. A very interesting and supportive track for this record, there are all the ingredients one would expect to hear in a 12 minute suite. “Spider” is a track that blends multiple genres and styles, with a killer bass line that makes the body vibrate, the keyboards here take center stage. With a succession of solos between synth and guitar, the track flows pleasantly, with a solid structure and highlighting the techniques of the artists, who are very technical even in tempo changes. We are in the middle of the album with “The Unread Letter” which starts with massive electric guitar riffs and virtuous synth melodies, and then develops with continuous tempo changes. Here the guitar is immediately in evidence with a good solo insert that intertwines with the keyboards, with the song constantly changing shape, very engaging and well executed. “Turn” presents an intro with acoustic guitar arpeggios, before returning to the more classic Progressive sounds of the band. A succession of engaging and positive solos and melodies, with technical tempo changes and an atmosphere with a retro flavor. An intertwining of guitar arpeggios on an orchestral background and “Penumbra” begins with a more melancholic sound and which mixes a softer style with the characteristics of Prog. A more delicate facet of the band’s sound, skilled in creating good quality tracks by touching several different styles of Prog. In the central part the guitar is inserted with a very intense and passionate solo, which will accompany us until the final. The album closes with the shorter track “Relearn” with a more elaborate structure and melodies that blend the more Jazzy traits with the 70s-style Prog. Very engaging and rhythmic, it intensely concludes this good listening. An entirely instrumental album with ideas and passages of a good level in Prog style, with fine intertwining between keyboards and guitar. At times virtuoso, with extensive use of the synth, this work manages to bring the atmosphere of instrumental prog records of the ’70s to the present day, with a modern and personal touch. A listening recommended for lovers of Progressive sounds with long instrumental and solo sections, enriched by tempo changes and a solid and elaborate rhythmic session.


01. No Third (4:21)
02. Call Of The Resonant Star (12:02)
03. Spider (5:00)
04. The Unread Letter (4:54)
05. Turn (6:48)
06. Penumbra (4:17)
07. Relearn (3:38)


Gino Montoya / Guitars
Sergio Montoya / Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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