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The Silver Linings is a band from Malaga, Spain that plays a mixture of Acid, Psychedelic, Space Rock and Kraut. After the first EP, they released their debut album “Pink Fish” on October 11, 2023 via Spinda Records and containing 7 tracks between 4:30 and over 6 minutes long. The opener “Cosmic Excursions” is developed du a distorted, scratchy guitar riff and a Space-style rhythm section. The vocal is dynamic and fits well into the psychedelic Space context of the track. The guitar solo cues in the instrumental section are interesting, as well as the tempo changes that allow them to mix the different genres that make up the band’s original style. The album’s shortest track “A Pleasant Trip To The Unknown,” which nevertheless exceeds 4:30 minutes, opens with a deep bass line and a spoken vocal. With the entry of all the instruments, the track evolves, mixing psychedelia and space rock, bringing retro sounds into a fresh and modern context with an engaging sound. The guitar always offers beautifully crafted solo inserts, while in the middle section the rhythm section accelerates and an effects-enriched vocal envelops the listener. With another guitar solo, the band takes us nicely towards the end of the track. The title-track “Pink Fish” opens with guitar arpeggios and an acidic atmosphere with dilated sounds. Percussions characterise the rhythm that moves slowly, taking us on a lysergic journey that increases in intensity as the minutes go by. Interesting guitar phrasing and sudden tempo changes take the sound into more 70s-style space rock territory. An enveloping, acid track with fine guitar work and a penetrating vocal in the second half. “Patient M” is a track we already enjoyed as a single anticipating the album. A deep bass line opens the track, which is joined by tight drumming and fine guitar and sax interlacing. The vocals are dynamic and expressive and the track is very engaging and rhythmic, with tempo changes and alternating vocal and instrumental parts. The longest track on the album, “Heart Full Of Gold,” which exceeds six minutes, opens with a long introductory part with guitar arpeggios and dilated sounds. The intensity increases as the track progresses, between acid sounds and mystical atmospheres that envelop us and make us travel with our minds. The rhythm section moves slowly and together with fine guitar interlacing open up “In the Fleeting Hands Of Time.” A track that develops into a musical crescendo that incorporates psychedelia with retro traits and the band’s modern and personal touch, always skilful in guiding us through the musical journey of the song. The sax intertwines with the chitrarra in the melodies, offering an interesting and prolonged instrumental section that accompanies us to the finale. The album ends with “Lifeforce” a rhythmic and addictive track with the addition of percussion. The bass line is deep and driving, with the rhythm that makes you want to dance and move to the music. The vocal enriched by the effects is enveloping and alternates with the fine instrumental parts, a track that perfectly concludes this enjoyable listen. A band that delivers a quality debut album, offering a fresh sound that incorporates elements of different genres, bound together by their personal style. The tracklist is intense from start to finish, managing to offer tracks full of cues and passages that enhance the band’s compositional and expressive technique. A recommended listen for all lovers of the more Psuychedelic sounds of Rock, fresh and modern with a markedly personal and engaging style.


01. Cosmic Excursions (04:52)
02. A Pleasant Trip To The Unknown (04:34)
03. Pink Fish (04:53)
04. Patient M (04:59)
05. Heart Full Of Gold (06:18)
06. In the Fleeting Hands Of Time (05:39)
07. Lifeforce (05:51)


Javier Toledano / Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keys
Catarina Serer / Electric Guitar
Jose Gutiérrez / Bass
Lolo Cortes / Drums, Percussions
Marta Malinowska / Sax

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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