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The Wring is a Progressive Rock/Metal project conceived by Canadian guitarist Don Dewulf, born in 2015, in which internationally renowned artists collaborate. The new album “Spectra” was released on December 16, 2022 via Wormholedeath Records and contains 9 tracks. The album opens with “Stiletto,” a track that immediately plunges us into the album’s Prog atmosphere with fine guitar work. The rhythm section is solid and elaborate, enriched by the tempo changes, while the vocals are dynamic and expressive, alternating with the instrumental parts. In the second part a short and intense guitar solo and the song closes. Technique and energy characterise “Stones & Bones,” with a solid rhythm section consisting of elaborate drumming and a killer bassline. The guitar riffs are granitic and addictive, while the vocals interpret the lyrics with quality, leaving room for elaborate instrumental parts. The continuous tempo changes are an added value to the sound, as are the instrumental parts that enhance both the compositional and performing technique of the band. “The Prince” is the album’s shortest track and shows a more Rock approach, with a refined sound and modern traits. The intensity increases as the track progresses, with a fine instrumental section in the middle part, and then in the second part the vocal returns and closes with more heavy stretches. Heavy guitar riffs intertwined with synths open “The Wolf,” a track with a darker atmosphere than its predecessors. The rhythm section is solid and adds power to the sound, an entirely instrumental track that shows all the technique of the band’s musicians with very technical passages. An intro with synths and guitar and “Tin Man” begins, which develops with the more classic Prog Metal sounds proposed with the band’s personal touch. More aggressive and technical parts alternate with more melodic ones, with virtuoso instrumental passages of absolute value. In the second part a fine guitar solo, and then the singing returns for the last verse and close. With its elaborate and constantly evolving structure, “From Mars” alternates technical passages with melodic openings and engaging refrains. In the middle part, an intense and prolonged instrumental section is developed, with fine guitar work and elaborate rhythms. The vocals return in the finale and the song closes, leaving the refrains etched in our minds. “SINS” is a drawn-out track with technical characters and a vocal that alternates between more anergic passages and more melodic openings. The structure is intricate and is enriched by continuous tempo changes that bring the sound to a very high level. The solo in the second part of the song is a concentrate of technique, like all the passages in the song, enhancing the ideas of the band’s artists. The album ends with “Fallen,” which combines heavier, darker metal traits with prog, with intense vocal parts. The drumming is powerful, while the guitar offers granitic riffs and elaborate work, the bass lines are deep and load-bearing. A track that concludes this fine disc with quality. A band composed of top artists from the world prog scene, each of whom brings their own style to the band’s sound. Technique and energy, melodic passages, dynamic and expressive vocals and elaborate instrumental sections characterise the album. A recommended listen for all lovers of Progressive Metal sounds, an album to listen to again and again, always managing to give us positive emotions.


01. Stiletto (04:42)
02. Stones & Bones (05:01)
03. The Prince (03:58)
04. The Wolf (05:03)
05. Tin Man (05:28)
06. From Mars (04:46)
07. SINS (04:46)
08. Fallen (05:08)


Don Dewulf / Guitars
Marco Minnemann / Drums
Chandler Mogel / Vocals
Reggie Hache / Bass & Keyboards
Isamu McGregor / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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