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Theodore Wild Ride started from the collaboration between French keyboardists Christine Ott, Mathieu Gabry (Snowdrops) and Oud player Ophir Levy. Their self-titled debut album was released on October 4, 2021 via Icarus Records and contains 6 very refined tracks in composition. The sound is very original and particular mixing orchestrations, effects of various kinds and the oud that gives a particular touch to the disc. An album with a dreamy atmosphere full of elaborate compositions developed on the excellent symphonic plots created by the keyboards that bind well to the Oud. This instrument of Arab origin but also arrived in Europe in Andalusia, which gives a particular touch to the sound of the band. Very skilled in developing the symphonic themes of the tracks that rock us for the duration of the disc, with clear references to traditional Mediterranean music with a modern key. An album halfway between experimentation, traditional sounds and a touch of classical music. The atmospheres created by the artists are very dilated and relaxing, where the intertwining of the instruments and the cohesion between the musicians are of a high level. Another feature of the album is the large amount of instruments present within the album, as well as the effects that certainly add something positive to the disc. An album that contains numerous ideas well developed and executed to perfection, which deserves several plays in order to always find hidden ideas and interesting plots every time. A listening recommended to all lovers of the most avant-garde sounds, not strictly Progressive but with an absolute level of compositional and executive quality. Different from the usual albums that we offer in our pages but it absolutely deserves a mention for the quality expressed by these musically very prepared artists. Another special mention goes to the great musical research done by the band, skilled in mixing ancient instruments and modern sounds with great quality. An excellent and very pleasant listening.


1. Little House (4:16)
2. Squirrel Creek (4:57)
3. Paoha (6:25) 
4. Appalaches (6:24)
5. Clearwater (5:12)
6. Zeppelins (7:14)


Christine Ott / Ondes Martenot, Piano, Mellotron & Effects
Mathieu Gabry / Piano, Mellotron, Keyboards, Effects
Ophir Levy / Oud

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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