[Review] Time Haven Club – Gathered At Dusk

Time Haven Club are a Progressive Rock band born from the ashes of the Golconda band that offered a very solid mix of Prog Rock and Metal. After having published an EP in 2017 and having joined the rooster of Micio Poldo Edizioni Musicali, in 2021 “Gathered At Dusk” is released which also includes the three songs of the previous work. The disc consists of an excellent Progressive Rock that combines the classic sounds of the 70s with a modern vision and projected into the future of the genre. The sound is solid and is built around the intertwining between electric guitar and keyboards, with a massive rhythm session full of tempo changes. The vocal is warm and expressive and adapts well to the different situations of the album, both in the most melodic and in the most aggressive moments. Another valuable note of the album are the compositions, very well elaborated and a real strength for the variety and development of the themes of the tracks, full of quality ideas. An album that turned out to be a valuable listening, with some high-level passages such as the final suite “Gathered At Dusk” as well as the other long track “Despite All This Darkness” where we find references to the strong sounds of the band. A recommended album, which involves us in its pleasant atmospheres from start to finish, smooth and always keeps the listener’s attention high. Lovers of Progressive sounds will certainly appreciate this work that offers sound weaves that mix the past and the present of this genre, which still today in 2021 proves to be more alive than ever thanks to artists like these.


01.Black Dot9:07
02.Dance of Krampus7:21
03.Despite all this Darkness12:03
04.Untold Memories7:33
05.Seas of Prayer6:39
06.Almost me5:00
07.The White Page6:51
08.Gathered at Dusk11:16


Enzo Somma Guitar & Vocals
Marcello RomeoBass
Salvo SavatteriLead guitar
Gino AseroKeyboards
Concetto SantonocitoDrums
Valeria Ronsisvalle  & Chiara Monaco Vocals on “Almost Me”
Chiara MonacoLead & Backing vocals on “Gathered At Dusk”

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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