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TRYO is a Chilean Progressive Rock band active on the scene for over 35 years and with several albums to their credit. Their long-awaited new album “Suramérica” was released on August 23, 2023 via Mylodon Records and contains nine tracks. Atmospheric sounds open the title track “Suramérica” and the album. As the instruments come in, they develop a symphonic Prog with intertwining guitar and keyboards and continuous tempo changes. The vocals alternate melodic solo and choral parts, in line with Latin-American Prog releases. In the second half, the band develops an interesting instrumental section with guitar solo inserts before returning to the vocals and closing. More energetic than its predecessor, “Canoeros Celestes” opens with good electric guitar work and a solid, elaborate rhythm section. Interesting interlacing of guitar and keyboards, then the vocals come in and develop the verses, adding a melodic touch to the sound. The tempo changes and instrumental passages are an added value to the sound, with interesting solo keyboard inserts. Good ideas, well developed for a solid and elaborate track. The longest track on the album, “Nómades,” which is over seven minutes long, features an Andean-sounding intro. The atmospheres are melancholic with fine interlacing of orchestrations, keyboards and excellent guitar work. The rhythm section is softer, but still well elaborated, while the vocals are warm and expressive. The intensity increases as the song progresses, managing to fuse Andean tradition with Prog, between conitnuous tempo changes and granitic riffs. Ideas of absolute value that enhance the compositional and performing technique of the band, which offers some fine soloist inserts. “Orillas” opens with the sound of sea waves and then develops into a soft track with a melodic vocal. A softer passage than the previous ones, with a more linear structure, allowing the intense lyrics to develop. The intensity increases as the minutes go by, taking on a more progressive character in the middle section with hard guitar riffs and excellent synth interlacing. In the instrumental section, the guitar takes centre stage with a good, though short-lived, solo. Between continuous tempo changes the track closes pleasantly. A granitic interweaving of guitar riffs and keyboards opens “La Huida,” another long track of over seven minutes. A solid and elaborate Prog track, with interesting instrumental passages, tempo changes and elaborate phrasing between the instruments. The band’s experience allows them to make the most of their ideas and technique in the compositional phase. Jazzy and experimental traits intertwine with quality Prog, making this passage one of the most elaborate and sophisticated on the album. The second part opens with a granitic weave of guitar and keyboards, between solo inserts and tempo changes that accompany us throughout the rest of this fine instrumental track. Another energetic and elaborate track “Danza Rebelde” features interesting keyboard work and hard guitar riffs. Skilful the band brings classic prog atmospheres to our days with a personal touch. The track’s long duration of more than 7 minutes allows another excellent instrumental to develop, with solo passages, tempo changes and the keyboards being the protagonists throughout. In the second part, a percussive rhythm gives a folkloristic and tribal touch to the sound, intertwining perfectly with the Prog proposed by the band. A truly intense and original track. “La Unión” is a short two-minute passage centred on intense piano melodies. Granitic guitar riffs, a pompous synth and a solid rhythm section characterise “Elementos.” Melodic vocals counterbalance the sound, creating an engaging track full of tempo changes and excellent guitar work in the instrumental sections. A mixture of Rock and Proggressive enriched by Symphonic openings and the vocal, in my opinion, very emotional and involving. A dynamic track that alternates energetic passages with softer ones, managing to mix different genres. The album ends with “Trascender,” a three-minute track with a traditional sound and rhythmic percussion. This band shows brilliant form, offering a record with quality ideas, full of elaborate passages, symphonic parts, mixing Prog Rock, traditional music. A tracklist that remains intense from beginning to end, with long-lasting tracks and two instrumentals of absolute value. A recommended listen for all lovers of Prog sounds, managing to bring classic atmospheres into a modern and markedly personal context.


01. Suramérica (05:31)
02. Canoeros Celestes (05:36)
03. Nómades (07:39)
04. Orillas (05:46)
05. La Huida (07:24)
06. Danza Rebelde (07:15)
07. La Unión (02:24)
08. Elementos (05:51)
09. Trascender (03:07)


Ismael Cortez A. / Electric Guitar and Vocals
Francisco Cortez A. / Electric Bass and Vocals
Félix Carbone K. / Drums
Pablo Martínez R. / Keyboards, Synthesizers and Programming
Felipe Baldrich M. / Percussion
Ignacio Carvajal G. / Voice

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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