[Review] Vago Sagrado – Vol. III

Vago Sagrado is a trio of psychedelic space rock formed in 2013 in Santiago de Chile. The line-up includes Alberto Parra on guitar, Nick Vayolence on drum and Karlos Gonzalez Lihn on bass. The proposed sun is a psychedelic trippy Rock is spatial, with post-rock influences, made of cosmic and dark melodies. From 2015 to date, they have released an EP and three albums. The last “Vol. III” was released on October 20, 2019 for the Necio Recordsin vinyl limited edition of 250 copies and Digital download, is composed of eight medium-length tracks. It closes the trilogy that began with the first album of 2015, and shows a mature sound with psychedelic nuances, post-punk and Space-Kraut. The band describes the album monuments, sounds gathered from another era; between shadows and mist, ruins that dont stop falling. The “K is Kool” instrumental opener immediately catapults us into space atmospheres, softer and more dreamy than previous records. The guitar as always a leading role, and guides us in this journey through its stratified melody. At half, the sound becomes harsher, with the return to tranquility the piece closes. “La Pieza Oscura” takes the sound of the previous work, riffs sharp and electric, on a pulled rhythm with a penetrating bass point line. The powerful vocal, reinforcing the feeling of being in the middle of a frantic race in deep space. “Fire (in your head)” starts with the drum trailers and where the space guitar cube was worse. Enter a narrated and expressive vocal that increases the drama of the piece, slower than the previous one is more psychedelic. In the end, emphasis and drama increase, and then return to the initial theme and close. “Sundown”, excerpt also as a single, more direct and with less gloomy melody, always in a cosmic atmosphere. In the middle, he slows down and a narrating voice enters in English and then regains energy with good electric guitar inserts at the end. With “Centinela” the more accelerated power and rhythm returns, the bass and the drum are solid and incisive. The guitar offers rocky rhythms on which more spatial layers are inserted. The vocal most sung the song monster more psychedelic influences than the previous ones, a good ride in hyperspace. A dark intro of bass and guitar characterizes the opening of “Listen and Obey.” With the entry of the drum it turns into a Dark-Psych sound with a vocal from the macabre verses and with slight Pop influences that make the sound lively. “One more Time with feeling” is another recited and cosmic step, slow and with guitar inserts to break the spatial stillness. A good test both for the interpretation and for the musical part. The album closes with “Mekong”, the longest song, begins with a helicopter followed by a dark guitar. The sounds are acid resembles a slow fall with the rhythm that creeping down this lysergic atmosphere. At times, the guitar offers electric shocks and then returns to fluctuating melodies. In the middle of an acceleration with voices recorded from space, a good closing. The phrase with which they described the disc is emblematic, with the passing of the album, one feels that sensation like a monument crumbling. There are no moments of pause, an album that must be followed from the beginning to the end, as if it were a journey into the multiverse. These trilogy ends, with a mature and worked album with all the features one expects to find in the right place for lovers of Kraut-Cosmic and spatial sounds, with a Psychedelic touch. A band that offers a good job, confirming the growth path made during recent years.


1. K Is Kool (5:45)
2. La Pieza Oscura (4:27)
3. Fire [In Your Head] (5:49)
4. Sundown (4:48)
5. Centinela (5:36)
6. Listen & Obey (3:59)
7. One More Time With Feeling (6:48)
8. Mekong (9:08)


Alberto Parra / Guitar, Vocals
Karlos González Lihn / Bass, Vocals
Nick Vayolence / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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